Dearest All,

I will keep this short and simple, as I do not know how to put it otherwise.

The relationship i have been involved in for almost a decade has ended.

For now, there is no WoW for me simply because I am homeless and have things I need to sort out, but I suspect that I will not be back once things have settled either. As much as I have enjoyed the game, it has always in a way been something we did together, something we had together. Having left an entire life behind me, I can’t see how I could keep this part of it, nor am I sure I would want to.

So this is my goodbye, as much as I hate having to say so.

I want to thank all who have inspired me – Phaelia, Larisa, Gnomie, Euripedes, Ratters, Aleathea and many many more; all of you who have read the blog, commented, been here for this journey.

A special thank you to you, Avonar, for introducing me to the world of blogging. I am hook and will most probably go on writing in some form.

Thank you all and may your WoWing and blogging days be many, happy and rich with experiences!




wedding-rings2Isn’t WoW just like a partner?

You got introduced, you spent some time together and it clicked. You fell in love and for a long very long time you ignored all the little negative things, like the fact that he is so time consuming, that everything happens on his terms and that he can’t commit to a future together, at least not extending the current expansion.

But then something like two years passed and the magic started wearing off (since it is at about this time that nature decided to stop pumping you full or “love him”-hormones). You find yourself noticing all these short-comings and you start asking yourself: is he really worth it? And so it’s time for a pro and con list, or some soul searching, or a coin toss, or whatever it is you usually do in these kind of situations – all the while with him patiently waiting for you to make up your mind, knowing that he will most certainly be OK either way.

Whether he is worth sticking with after the magic has died down or not is up to every single one of us to decide.

However, keep in mind that what you had back then is gone and you can’t have that back. The question is – do you want to stick around and try to build something new, or do you want to end it now, keep all the wonderful memories and go searching for a new man hobby?

As for me, I have decided to give the old boy a chance and stick around – see what happens.


Happy Azeroth Arbor Day everyone! 😀


There’s no better way for a tree to pass its free time other then waterskiing in the waterfalls of Sholazar Basin. Our roots make for excellent rudders and the leaves catch the wind perfectly!

or How I Came to Absolutely Adore Ulduar.

Take a close look at this screenshot. Go on. Click it to get the full view, I’ll wait for you to finish.


Now did you see that? Did you spot all the CC (crowd control for those of you who joined us in WoW post TBC)? Now there might actually be a reason to finish leveling and gearing up my mage.:)

loriI have several times mentioned that though I now play a Horde druid, I spent my first three years in WoW as a human holy priest. She was my first real character, as well as the character in whose company I got to explore the word, meet new people, take on the role of a classleader and officer in two guilds and lead raids against the bosses of Azeroth and Outland.

Her name is Loriana.

As much as I enjoy playing my druid, Lori will always hold a special place in my heart. Her name reminds me of all the wonderful people I’ve met and all the good times we’ve had together.

There is one person in particular from my time as Lori that has come to mean a lot to me. She has a blog of her own.

We met in Outland and went through a lot together. So much so, that we stayed in touch even after I left the Alliance. So much so, that she has become one of my closest friends.

And today, she surprised me, by honoring Loriana with a roleplaying post. I loved every word of it, as I am sure many of you will do too! It deals with the inner struggle of a holy priest who has to call upon the powers of shadow in order to serve Elune. From a role-playing perspective this is a very interesting issue, that has been presented well.

Thank you, Av! You brought many fond memories back to mind and put a smile on my face today.


There is an in-game tip while the loading screen is up that probably all WoW players have seen at one time or another. It goes like this:

Remember to take all things in moderation, including World of Warcraft.

And like myself most of you have probably snarked at it at some point, thinking “yeah right, as if Blizzard wants us to play only a little”.

Whether we are right or wrong does not matter. What matters is that, even though we do not like hearing it, the truth is that the tip is right. We should take things in moderation. Not because a line in an online game tells us to, but because it is for our own good.

You should not overdo it playing Warcraft because you might get so involved, you start neglecting other important things such as work, family and friends or even other hobbies.

But you should not overdo it playing Warcraft also because it is counterproductive to your own enjoyment of the game. Let me put it this way: if you had five bottles of your favorite wine, or your favorite candy or food, or all the seasons of your favorite series, what would be more enjoyable: drinking, eating, seeing it all in one long session, where you tire and your senses become over saturated, or spread it out over a reasonable amount of time and really savor it?

Looking at these analogies, it really feels obvious what the best choice is. Yet when I take a step back and consider Warcraft I realize that I do not apply the same logic to it. Why is that? Is it because I am addicted (oh no! did she just use the A-word?!), is it because it is different from the wine, candy, food and TV shows or is there some other reason why I, and most probably many others,  most of the time do not choose to take Warcraft in moderation?

The answer is most probably a complex one, but I believe that it all has to do with our urge to always feel good and have fun. A child would not stop to think of saving any candy for later, it would eat it all at once even though it might be aware of the eminent stomachache. It is because we learn to control our urges and through rational thinking optimize our actions, that we save some of the win,e candy, food and episodes for later.

But can we apply this when it comes to games? Maybe games are too closely associated with our childish behavior, with instant gratification.

I am not trying to claim that everyone who plays Warcraft does not do so rationally, but I doubt anyone could deny that there are people who do not. I am most certainly one of the people who at times fall into excess. I have my weak moments when I rationalize away my duties and make some extra room for an alt leveling session, some daily grinding, herb farming or just tweaking of my interface. During my four years of playing this game there have been times when Warcraft has been in the foreground of my life and time when it has taken a backseat to other matters.

The landing of this patch has triggered my irrational childish side and the little Mini Diablo on my shoulder is helping me come up with very rational excuses for plunging in wholeheartedly into the goodies that the patch has to offer – raid Ulduar, fish in Wintergrasp, farm for the recipes for new glyphs, level my alts who now have new abilities, play the Auction House, get the chicken from Westfall and the spirit  dartling from Feralas that I have been dreaming of for so long, take part in the Argent tournament and endless other things.

But I have decided not to give in. Not because I am afraid of neglecting the other parts of my life (thankfully, I still have a strong enough sense of duty to not fall behind on family time or work and studies), but because I know that I would be doing myself a disfavor. There is only so much new content and there is most probably a lot of time left until the next content-patch is introduced. There will be plenty of time to do everything I want to do.

I will be much better off and probably enjoy the game much more, if I prioritize and simply put some things off for later.

For now, I will concentrate wholeheartedly on raiding Ulduar, since we are the leading Horde guild on the server and have a title to defend, as well as battle for the server first against the leading Alliance guild. I have money and consumables enough to sustain myself for a while, so I will put my energy on working out two good healing specs, hunting down the appropriate glyphs, reading up on tactics and practicing on my healing.

Because, in my opinion, it is much more satisfying to be outstanding at one thing, then mediocre at many.

As you all know by now, the new patch has landed. Huzzah!

And with it, alt of new content, loot, achievements and other fun stuff. It is all wonderful! But it’s the small things that really make me enjoy this new patch:


What are you most excited about in this patch?