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or How I Came to Absolutely Adore Ulduar.

Take a close look at this screenshot. Go on. Click it to get the full view, I’ll wait for you to finish.


Now did you see that? Did you spot all the CC (crowd control for those of you who joined us in WoW post TBC)? Now there might actually be a reason to finish leveling and gearing up my mage.:)


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So I was cleaning up the bank again the other day (no, this is not a disorder, what is wrong with wanting to have things in alphabetical order and clean of dust I ask you?). Anyway, I was cleaning up my bank again the other day when I realised one of the bags I had been using actually had a tear in it. I took it out and patched it up, but before I put it back I realised something had fallen out of it, something I had long forgotten I had: my old journal.

I have to admit, flipping through the pages brought back old and fold memories of times when we used to think things were simple, that the Blackrock Mountains contained some of the biggest threats and the greatest secrets of magic and power. Boy, were we ever wrong!

Still, it was nice looking back at all the things me and my Puppet Masters have accomplished. And since you are all very special friends, I will let you have a little peak yourselves. If you enjoy it, I might let you see more of them.

Just be warned: He who laughs at us will burn for eternity! Laughing alongside us is allowed.

Are you ready?

Brace yourselves.

Here is what I wrote down after having ventured into the fallen Gnome City of Gnomeregan:

There’s No Place Like Gnome

Let’s face it. There’s no creature so vile, so wicked as the Gnome. Small, puny creatures with over-sized heads and ears, it is disgusting to just think of them. Alas, we would not have touched them even with tweezers, were it not for the fact that Nogg, a friend of ours who resides in Orgrimmar, needed our help. These wicked gnomes had stolen one of his magic trinkets, a ring to be more precise. Of course the Masters of the Voodoo are not heartless and are known to leap to help out, whenever a friend is in need. So it came that we ventured into the labyrinths of the long lost gnome city of Gnomeregan to retrieve Nogg’s ring and search for other bounty these wicked creatures had stolen for themselves. Needless to say, the gnomes and their engineered trinkets posed no threat to us, we gathered up the little creatures and executed them swiftly. Hopefully Nogg can now rest assured at night, that no filthy gnomes lure in the darkness, lusting for his shineys.

Aendi caught in a compromising position: retching at the sight of an ugly gnome.

Hm, that sure was a long time ago… I had forgotten how much I detested gnomes back then, I guess seeing them in Shattrath all day has dulled my dislike.

This next one is from when we had accomplished a mission for the Horde down in Uldaman. I managed to snap a picture just as Masque placed the staff used as a key to imprison Ironia.

Corrupted Creations

We have now ventured into the depths of the ruins of a lost civilisation, into the depths of Uldaman. Remnants of old dwarf magic linger still, proof of their evil twisted minds. We did our best to cleanse the place of evil and to recover the Platina Discs the dwarfs stole from the champions of the Horde centuries ago. Mission accomplished.

My, that place had a serious problem with Trogg-infestation! Still, we did manage to reveal a few secrets that improved our knowledge about how magic works.

I’ll share one last memory with you for now: This is from back when we first managed to scramble up the money to invest in mounts:

Wealth Comes to Those Worthy

We have had quite a few adventures by now, having fought the corrupted humans of the Scarlet Order, the vile pigmen creatures of Razorfen, the Nagas i the depths of Blackfathom and countless other wielders of wicked magic. Of course this being no small feat the word has spread and our ability to deliver swift judgement to those in the wrong has become widely renown. This has lead to us being showered with gifts, in the hope to win our allegiance and keep our wrath of vindication far from the givers doorstep.

With the money resulting from all this, we have now purchased mounts, so we may deliver our justice even swifter then until now.

Idara, the Puppet Mistress of Vindication, has after making a considerable donation to the Masters of the Paladin Order, been taught the ritual of summoning an astral warhorse. This is no mere horse of this world, but a creature from a more noble plane, with nerves of steel and as brave as the Paladin who commands it.

Anaesthesia, the Puppet Master of favorable Afflictions, visited the high warlock priests and learned the ritual of binding a daemon soul to this plane as a means of transportation. A steed of nightmare, with burning breath and hooves of flame, horrible and powerful, is the daemon enslaved by this Puppet Master, again proving the greatness of his power.

Masque, the Puppet Master of the Afterlife, has performed a magnificent Voodoo Ritual, to reanimate the skeletal corpse of a horse and uses it as his mount. The stench of the patches of rotting flesh is enough to let all enemies know that Masque is not one to be taken lightly.

As for me, Aendi, the Voodoo Queen herself, I have chosen to purchase a Hawkstrider, the most prized and exclusive mounts trained by the Bloodelves themselves. Who knows what horrid Bloodmagic this creature was forced to endure during its training… the mere thought of it is enough to send trembles of excitement down my spine. This is indeed a mount fit for a Queen.

Again, that really was a long time ago! We were so young and so inexperienced, still you can tell we had great ambitions back then already, can you not?

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I’m working on a top secret project at the moment… yeah let us call it that… project… so that should vaguely explain why I have been absent for so long. I am not giving you any more hints as to what I have been up to, no matter how much you beg. Well, maybe if you really put your heart and souls into it, I might be persuaded to share some more information, but you would have to do some first class begging for it.

Anywho, anyhow and in-between… Here is the inside scoop from my Brewfest celebration. I only had the chance to join in for one day, since… well, as I said: secret project-thing going on.

And since pictures say more then an thousand words, here they are: enjoy!

Kanishi and I are getting ready to face Corin Direbrew.

The gang relaxing after having had their way with the Direbrew-pansy Corin. (Kanishi is off stealthing somewhere…)

So after having slapped Corin Direbrew around for a while, we went back to Orgrimmar to have a few drinks. Imagine my surprize when I found a fellow master of the Voodoo Arts. It seems he has used his knowledge of the Voodoo Magic to create soemthing totally new: Brewdoo Magic! Of course we ended up having more the a few pints of Brewdoo. Please do not ask what happened after that… It all is a tad blurry…

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Considering how hard it was to shift form when switching over from Aendi to a new vessel, I’ve now decided I need to switch around on  regular basis, so that I don’t get all rusty again.

Having decided this, I went over back to Aendi in Shattrath the other day. When I turned up on the Isle of Quel’Danas I was greeted by a more then grumpy representative of the Shattered Sun Offensive. He kindly reminded me that I had left word I’d be off on vacation for ONE day, not TWO weeks and that if it were to happen again, I shouldn’t bother coming back again.

I smiled and nodded and went back to work. Not because I plan on following orders, but I thought I might as well squeeze one last paycheck out of them, before resigning.

Mister Birdie will not be happy about me loosing my steady income, since we’re still about 3 000 gold away from being able to invest in a swift flying mount, but he’ll just have to live with it.

I was getting ready to go back to the Cow when I just remembered that I hadn’t worked on my transmuting for a while and decided to transmute a Primal Earth into a Primal Water just like my trainer taught me. Just to stay sharp and get some practice.

I did not expect this:

It turns out, if you’re really skilled, you can actually transform ONE Primal Earth into THREE Primal Water. Who would have thought?

But I still don’t belive all those rumours about being able to transform one Primal into five. That’s gotta be Humbug. It’s gotta be…

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If you’ve read the “About the Author?” page on this blog you know by now, that the characters I currently play are not the ones I started out with.

I used to play Alliance. *gasp* I know.
I used to play a healer, not dps. *gasp* Yeah, I know.
I used to raid five days a week, be a class leader and be in charge of all healing during raids, not sit around Shattrath transmuting Primal Earth into Primal Air and get bored. *doublegasp* Yeah, I know…

When my family and I (there’s four of us) decided to leave our guild and realm and start over, we were presented with two choices: Rename and transfer our characters and pick up where we left off somewhere else, or start over from scratch.

The reasons we decided to leave were many fold. Too many people in the leadership of the guild were pulling in too many different directions. Too many different opinions on how things should be handled and too much indecisiveness. Too much weight on too few peoples shoulders. The result was that we lost our flame, could no longer see the fun in the game and towards the end even dreaded turning on the computer and facing the log-in screen. To get to the point: it was simply time for a change.

Being the optimist that I am, I felt that starting over from scratch would be equivalent to a second chance. I’d get to do everything over again, only better this time. It’s kind of like taking the code of an old website and changing it, versus writing new code from scratch. Starting fresh is cleaner and has more potential.

Being the sentimentalist that I am, I did not feel right taking my old main from her home. Forcing her to leave her past and the name she had made for herself behind, only to start over somewhere new, where none of her hard work would matter.

So the choice for me was simple, I wanted to start fresh. Fortunately (I don’t know if for the same reasons) my family wanted to make the same choice and so we decided to start over from scratch and build something new together.

Starting over meant we could (and had to) choose what opportunities and limitations we would have once we got to 70 and eventually on in Wrath to 80. We all voted for endless hours of raiding and epics raining from the skies! Well at least some raiding…

Since there’s four of us and we all love PvE the most, we figured we’d be able to do all instances up to heroics together (without really needing a fifth member), if only we were smart with creating the characters so that they would complement each other.  Four characters designed together would also be a decent start for building a 10-man group for Karazhan and maybe even for Wrath of the Lich King, since all raiding-content will be doable on 10-man level. Maybe not as mighty as 25-man, but it has it’s appeals.

Four characters designed together to complement each other is almost half way to seeing all the content the next expantion has to offer. This is no small thing.

Now I know not everyone is in the same situation as us, not everyone decides to start new somewhere else, but I think a lot of us are looking over our choice of main at the moment, since the introduction of the Wrath of the Lich King means we all get a fresh start in a way.

So how to choose what to play?

To PewPew or not to PewPew

Once we decided we wanted to play Horde and found a server we liked, we still had to decide what to play. We had already decided that we wanted our characters to match, i.e. someone had to roll a tank and someone a healer, the other two some sort of dps classes.

Here’s where I think we made the wrong choice. I used to be a healer and Masque used to be a tank. Idara and Malignant used to play  dps classes. And we were all really really good at what we did, but given the chance to start fresh, we wanted to try out something different. Idara wanted to try out tanking and Malignant agreed to heal, which left me and Masque with the PewPew. I chose a Mage since I’ve always loved playing casters and I’ve always had a weak spot for Mages in particular. Masque chose to play a shadowpriest.

The reason I say that this is where I think we made the wrong choice is that even though we all did really well in our new roles, it eventually turned out that not everyone was happy. There’s a good reason we used to play the roles we used to play, and it turned out that switching around was not as grand an idea as we first thought it would be. So now we find ourselves in the situation, where (because one person was not happy with their role) we all need to rethink what we will play. Which to some extent means leveling new characters… again.

The Lesson

Now here comes the greatest advice I wish to give to anyone who is considering re-rolling and the main reason I decided to write this post:

What you choose to play should be influenced by two main things (1) what part of the game are you interested in and (2) what are the people around you playing.

1.) what part of the game are you interested in: If your main goal is to become champion over the arena, you should choose a class that performs well in the arena. To find out which class is best suited for this you can look at the top arena teams and see what classes they have to help you decide.

If your main goal is to PvE (and here is where (2) also plays in) you should consider what you are good at. Not everyone has the right mindset to be a tank. Consider what you enjoy doing and ask yourself what is more important: what role/class you play or what part of the game you play. If you plan on raiding on a serious level, you’ll most probably be stuck with the first character you level to 80 so make sure you choose what you really wanted. You should think twice before choosing a healer, even if you’re really good at healing, if you find healing boring, since you otherwise risk to loose your raiding spot while you level a new character.

2.) what are the people around you playing: If you are in the same situation as me, that you play with other people, or if you already are in a raiding guild where most raiders are regular attendants, you’ll have to consider where there might be room for you. For the four of us, one tank was enough. Having two tanks or even three would have spoiled our entire leveling experience when it comes to doing instances. In a guild, it could be that there are too many dps. Choosing to re-roll to a dps class if you are one of the few healers in this guild, might cost you the spot in the guild/raid.

And if your main goal is to see new content and you don’t have a guild to play with, you should scout your server to see what roles are most needed. In general, tank is the role there is most demand for at the moment, but this does not apply to end-game raiding, since 25-mans require fewer tanks-per-capita then 5-mans. This could also change once the expantion goes live, since Death Knights will be able to tank, though this is not certain, since many might choose to play as dps.

In conclusion

When choosing what to play, you should first decide what part of the game you are interested in and then make a choice:

Do you want to experience that part of the game at the cost of playing exactly what you want? I love raiding, a team of people working together towards a common goal. I love to explore new content. As much as I like dps, I can be very much content and even happy with being a healer or tank, if this will get me into raids.

Or do you want to play exatly what you love at the cost of seeing certain parts of the game? I have a friend who chose to be a Moonkin and never ever anything else, but he has accepted the fact that there is not always room for him because of this.

I myself want to experience the social part of the game and to see as much content as possible. So as much as I love playing my Mage, I will be switching over to play a druid instead, since I feel the hybrid classes best fit my goals in the game. By choosing a hybril, I am flexible and will be able to play whatever part needed, thus hopefully always ensuring myself a spot in a group.

Others might prioritize differently.


The reason I wrote this post is that I find it very important that we reflect over our actions and that we are aware of the consequences of our choices beforehand, so that we have a greater chance to choose right from the start. I hope this was helpful.



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Putting the ‘pew’ in PewPew

I’ve become quite the adept at battling for the Horde. The spirit resurrectors hardly see me any more these days and I’ve really acquired a taste for night elf blood!

Just to show you all how good it can get: This is what Wolf-sister Maka, the Alterac Valley battleground master, who was keeping track of our progress, had to show us the other day.

There’s simply no beating Aendi and Maque!


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This weekend turned out to be quite enjoyable. I spent Friday down in the Slave Pens with Idara, Malignant, Masque and one of my Puppets called Rothen. There are quite a few Coilfang Slavemasters down there who are just too obnoxious! You are slacking off too soon! I’ll rip off your arms and beat you with them, wretched slaves! Get back too work! What can I say, the yelling and screaming accompanied by the sound of whip-cracks was never ending. I wouldn’t have minded leaving those wretched Broken Ones to their fate for all eternity, but the Slavemasters’ yelling was annoying me to no ends, so we slew them without further ado.

Once down in the caves, Masque revealed his true reasons for joining us: deep down in the utter depths of the Slave Pens dwells a creature known by the name of Quagmirran. It turns out that Griftah the troll had told Masque about this creature too. Its magic was of such nature that if one was to carve out it’s left eye with a silver bladed dagger, the eye could be used as a trinket to improve a spell casters power. The promise of such treasures made us press on and in the end we reached the creature Quagmirran. After having freed the night elf explorer (who seems to be using the same therapist as the druid down in the Underbog) we went after the bog giant. The fight was not that hard and we all waited in suspense as Masque carved out its left eye. He gave it to me, seeing as he had taken the tendril from the Black Stalked just the other day and I was thrilled to have it.

As we approached the creature that dwells furthest inside the Slave Pens, Masque told us how he had had another chat with Griftah the troll. The troll had apparently told Masque that this was another creature of great magic and that if one was to carve out it’s left eye with a silver-bladed dagger, it could be used as a trinket of greate power by any spell caster. Heartened by the promise of great treasures, we charged into battle and slayed the beast known as Quagmirran.

The joy was sadly not long-lasting. Closer inspection and a quick Detect Magic spell showed it not only worthless as a trinket, but utterly deprived of magic. It was a squishy bog giant eyeball. Nothing more. Yuck! This did not seem strange at all once Masque reluctantly admitted that Griftah was actually the one who sold him the silver bladed dagger. You’d think Masque would have caught on to the scam, seeing as the troll is widely renown as a seller of many useless trinkets. By the look on his face, we was going to go have a very intense talk with Griftah as soon as possible.

Apart from the slight disapointment about the squishy bog giant eyeball, it was not a bad day. I went over to the Cenarion Expedition’s Quarters in Zangarmarsh adn they were happy to hear about our the freed slaves. I think that if we keep fighting the Nagas down in the Coilfang reservoir for another week or so, I should be able to gain the Expeditions utter trust.

Saturday was a big day for me as a Horde fighter. I went over to the Warcrier in Shattrath and enquired about where we were most needed again. Alterac Valley he said, so I went. The Alterac air felt good in my lungs, as did the cries of battle as we charged the Alliance. They were chanceless. We smothered their futile attempts to attack us over and over and after having spent half the day in the snowy valley, we had not lost one single battle agains them. Wolf-sister Maka, the Alterac Valley Battlemaster looked pleased.

I went over to Shattrath around lunch for a quick change of clothes and a hot meal, with the intention of returning to the battlegrounds straight after. But once in Shattrath, I stumbled upon a Crier who welcomed us over to the World’s End Tavern for a good laugh. Seeing as I needed a meal and didn’t mind a good laugh after all the slaughtering I went along.

It turns out they had some human by the named of Perry Gatner perform some stand up comedy for us. He wasn’t all that, though I quite enjoyed his impersonation of a gnome. His blood elf impersonation was horrible to say the least, but I enjoyed his gnome material. The food wasn’t bad either, so I will probably stop by the tavern again.

I spent the rest of the day in various battlegrounds. The Battlemasters are starting to recognize me and I’m quite pleased with that. By the end of the day I got a nod and a smile of a pat on the back from them all and Mordok even greeted me by name. He sent me over to Ogrimmar again to that tauren lady to pick up an item he had asked to have made for me, so of course I went. So I am now the proud owner of a …. It’s not exactly a Harris Pilton, but it’s thick and it will keep me warm when fighting in Alterac again. Another day well spent.

Having been so hard at work both Friday and Saturday, I decided to take the day off on Sunday. I had … send word over to the Shattered Sun people and let them know they’d have to do without me for one day, packed my bag light for once and headed over to Stranglethorn. There’s this gorgeous beach down there that is always sunny and I spent the entire day sunbathing and enjoying the salty taste of the air and the methodical sound of the waves splashing against the beach.

The perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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