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Honest Scrap

Enough procrastination on my part!

A while back I got tagged by Aleathea over at Hearthstone to accept and pass on the Honest Scrap award. Now since this has been going round for quite a while now, and I kind of doubt there are seven blogs left that have not been tagged yet, I will shamelessly ignore the second part of the challenge and simply just accept the award.


It truly is an honor to have been awarded this very special acknowledgement! The fact that one of you would deem me worthy of such praise is truly wonderful! I thank you, most sincerely! *bow*

And now, on to the juicy part of this meme: List 10 honest things about yourself. Here goes:


1. I am a clicker. *gasp* Yes, I know, it is truly shocking.

2. I am truly horrible at jumping. You know the balcony you have to jump to outside of UBRS? I have to this day not once managed to make the jump on first try. Yes, you may laugh now.

3. I have never managed to level a Warlock past level 12. I have tried several times, but for some reason, I just have not been able to “feel” it. Who knows, maybe some day, ey?

4. I still have the very first chacater I ever created in WoW, though she is on my boyfriend’s account and has not been touched in over two years. Her name is Schadow and she is a level 23 nightelf rogue.

5. I have a love/hate relationship to Achievements. I love the concept, but hate the fact that I feel forced to complete them all.

6. I am an RP enthusiast, though not a lore-geek. I love creating characters and finding real motivations for them to do the things I make them do and I like the lore the Warcraft world has, but I am a bit too lazy to always look things up.

7. If something within the Warcraft Lore clashes with my character’s story and motivations, I will conveniently ignore it. I write for my own pleasure, not to be one hundred percent correct.

8. I prefer playing with people I don’t know in real life. WoW for me is amongst other things a social arena, where I get to meet new people. I prefer spending time with my real life friends outside of WoW.

9. I am a coffee addict. Big time.

And now the greatest confession of them all:

10. I have a thing for trolls. I can’t help it, they’re just so hot 🙂

Dear Aleathea, I hope you’re happy with the response and I apologize  for it coming so late!

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Blog Spring Cleaning

It being Easter and all, I thought this was a great opportunity to update the static information on the blog. The page about me, my characters, my blogroll as well as the side bar widgets have all been updated!

So with a clear contience and a “clean” blog, I now wish all my readers

Happy Easter!


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If a Tree Falls…

As some of you might already know, Phaelia of Resto4Life has been greeted with wonderful personal news: she and Mr. Phae are awaiting their first baby. /cheer


This was very nice to hear, though for us resto druids out there, it means the loss of one of the greatest sources of information and inspiration. This is a gap that will not be easy to fill I think, Phae also having been so important for the druid blogging community.

I’ve been following the Resto4Life blog even before I rolled a resto druid, simply because it struck me as a good blog and ever since I decided to roll a druid, it has been the one blog I have consulted the most.

So if you are one of the people who, like me, has enjoyed Phae’s work, I urge you to go over to Resto4Life and leave her a comment. Let her know how much you’ve liked her work and wish her all the best for the future. Let’s make sure she knows exactly how well appreciated she has been and how much she will be missed. 🙂

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A Blog Challenge

So my sister has a blog. No, it is not a gaming blog, it is a blog about her lovely family and a way for her friends to keep up to date.

Anywho, in one of her posts she challenged me:

1. Go into your image folder

Since this is a Warcaft blog I cheated and went into my screenshot folder.

2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.

I cheated again. a) my screenshot folder does not have any sub-folders b) I lost all my screenshots when I reformated the computer, so I used the screenshot folder on my boyfriend’s computer.

3. Publish the image!

4. Challenge six new bloggers.

5. Link to them.

Well without further ado: here is what I managed to dig up:


This is a screenshot of my human priest. As you can see she’s using the Soulkeeper staff, so this was in the days of vanilla WoW. She doesn’t have her Mooncloth Robe yet, so my guess is this was taken back when she was in her mid 50’s.

The image reminded me of how new, big and exciting Azeroth felt back then and how little I knew about it. There were no healing addons and no meters. Actually if you think back there were no icons to mark up the mobs with either. There was just me, my spells that I used to mouseclick on (keybindings? mouseover macros? wuuuut?) and my fervent desire to succeed.

And you know what, it turned out quite well. I healed the 45 minute Baron run in Stratholme several times with all of us in our dungeon set 1, no tier gear and hardly any epics. We didn’t even use ventrillo. We simply worked out our plan beforehand, studies exactly which mobs to kill and we went at it. It took our team two whole nights to finally manage it and in the end it turned out to be bugged, so we had to do it all over again. But that didn’t matter, because we already knew we could do it and after that I helped several other people get their quest completed – no macros, no addons, no voicechat – just me and my will.

It’s funny how much we can do when we don’t know our limitations.


I found this challenge to be a lot of fun, being asked to look back. I am also very curious to see if any of the people I challenge will happen to have any interesting stories that go with their image.

That being said, I’d like to challenge:

Let’s see what gems you all are hiding in your bags! 🙂

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OOC: Blog Updated


I bet you people doubted me! I bet you thought I would never actually go through with updating my Blogroll and my character profile links and such like I said I would! Of course you did, I did too.

But then I realized that the Wrath of the Dude With Very Cool Frosty Blue Armour is soon upon us, and with it, the change of my mains. Meaning: it was time for Maiara to make this blog her own and for Aendi to take a step back (don’t worry, the explanatory in character blogpost is coming).

So I asked a friend to help me figure out a new banner for the blog and after putting our heads together, me having an idea and my friend doing her magic, this is what we ended up with.

I have to say I am in love with it! It is pretty (oh so pretty!), druidrelated (tree, get it? haha) and fits the style of the blog perfectly.

And of course, with such a beautiful new banner that will no doubt attract the masses, I has simply forced to update my blogroll and repolish my links, so I would not end up looking totally unprofessional.

So then, without further ado:

Enjoy! 🙂

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