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I’m working on a top secret project at the moment… yeah let us call it that… project… so that should vaguely explain why I have been absent for so long. I am not giving you any more hints as to what I have been up to, no matter how much you beg. Well, maybe if you really put your heart and souls into it, I might be persuaded to share some more information, but you would have to do some first class begging for it.

Anywho, anyhow and in-between… Here is the inside scoop from my Brewfest celebration. I only had the chance to join in for one day, since… well, as I said: secret project-thing going on.

And since pictures say more then an thousand words, here they are: enjoy!

Kanishi and I are getting ready to face Corin Direbrew.

The gang relaxing after having had their way with the Direbrew-pansy Corin. (Kanishi is off stealthing somewhere…)

So after having slapped Corin Direbrew around for a while, we went back to Orgrimmar to have a few drinks. Imagine my surprize when I found a fellow master of the Voodoo Arts. It seems he has used his knowledge of the Voodoo Magic to create soemthing totally new: Brewdoo Magic! Of course we ended up having more the a few pints of Brewdoo. Please do not ask what happened after that… It all is a tad blurry…


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