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If you have glanced at the armory links to my characters in the right hand sidebar you have noticed that my main, my mage, the voice of this blog, is called Aendi, a name I am quite fond of and which I consider fits a bloodelf mage quite well.

My alts on the other hand are a different story.

Cowwithguns is not a name I would ever have chosen for a main, but a name I am quite happy with nonetheless, since I chose it partly as a tribute to Dana Lyons’ Cows with Guns. It also fits the character quite well. He is (at the moment) a tough, rough level 60 hunter, who has never used (and does not plan to start using) anything else then guns as ranged weapons. He has names his pet Cat with Claws. I find this charming.

Cowwithbark, my druid, was created last of the three. I chose the name for many reasons. I chose it because I had so much liked the effect of my hunter’s name; I chose it because I wanted it to reflect Aendi’s view of the people who’s bodies she takes over and her views of Taurens; I chose it because I was in a hurry and I did not know who this character should turn out to be, I just new I wanted a character who could be moulded into any form needed, preferably a healer.

I find all these reasons good enough to justify my name choice for my druid alt, but I am now quite certain that this will become my main come Wrath.

You see, Masque has decided to roll a Death Knight and play it as tank. Though he has played a shadowpriest during out time on Bloodscalp, he used to be one of the main tanks in our previous guild on our previous server. He has one of each tank classes there are and has tanked raids of all difficulties with all three. In short: he is quite the experienced tank. And he, as myself, has come to the realisation that though playing a dps class is immense fun, he prefers playing a tank, being the one who sets the pace and pushes the group forward.

I, as I have mentioned before, used to be a healer, a job that I love and dare claim that I am good at and that I now have decided I want to return to.

Switching Cowwithbark to my main would fit perfectly here. I have never before played a druid as a healer (I have played a druid both as Moonkin and as Beartank in 5mans and raids) and am very much looking forward to trying out a new healer class.

Masque will be rolling a Tauren Deathkight and as cheesy as it sounds, he planned on having me as the reason he decided to fight alongside the Horde – can there be a better reason for such drastic conversion then having met a woman?

Now to the problem (because, let us be honest, I have rambled on long enough): Though Cowwithbark might be cute and an acceptable name for an alt, I don not want my main to have a “joke” name. For that matter, I do not Bloodgorger, the Deathknight, to have to tell people he has left the legions of the Lich Prince for this lady called Cow with Bark.

If you have read my introductory article to Cowwithbark, you will know that I have already given her a real Tauren name, she is Serga Mistrunner, but though I very much like the last name I am not quite happy with the surname. Serga just does not do it for me.

So I have been putting some thought into possible name changes. So far I have narrowed it down to a few alternatives, most of them female Native American names, some of them simply translations of the word “tree” in other languages.

Here is what I have narrowed it down to at the moment:

Ayana – everblooming

Aquene – peace

Imala – disciplines

Ituha – sturdy oak

Kai – willow tree

Maiara – wise

Moema – sweet

Orena – magic power

Yri – translation of “tree”

I really cannot decide between these last few ones, so I think I will wait until the expansion is about to go live before I finally go for the name change. That gives me just under a month to make a final decision.


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