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Guide: My Daily Route

This is quite a long post on my daily quest route. I’ve tried to put it together so that others can use it as a guide if they want to do these quests. I’ve chosen these particular quests based on the following:

  1. I am already exalted with Knights of the Ebon Blade, so I have excluded the quests involving them;
  2. I am not exalted with the other factions;
  3. I have maxed my cooking skill and as an active raider am interested in stocking up on Northrend Spices;
  4. I’ve chosen the Oracles over the Frenzyheart tribe;
  5. I want to complete as many achievements as possible;
  6. I have saved 2 daily quest slots for the daily dungeon and daily heroic dungeon quests.
  7. This is a daily quest guide from a Horde players perspective but it can be followed by Alliance players as well, since most quests are open to both factions.

Enjoy! 🙂




1 cooking daily in Outland

1 cooking daily in Dalaran

3 dailies in Storm Peaks for Sons of Hodir

4 dailies in Icecrown for the Warsong Offensive

3 dailies for in Sholozar Basin for the Oracles

3 dailies in Borean Tundra: 2 for Wyrmcrest Accord and 1 for The Kalu’ak

2 dailies in Dragonblight: 1 for the Kalu’ak and 1 for Wyrmcrest Accord

1 daily in Howling Fjord for the Kalu’ak

5 dailies in Grizzly Hills: 4 for the Warsong Offensive and 1 for the Horde Expedition

Total amount of quests completed: 23

Total amount of gold earned: 294 gold 74 silver

Total amount of reputation: 750 Sons of Hodir; 1700 Oracles; 750 Wyrmrest Accord; 1500 Kalu’ak; 2000 Warsong Offensive; 1250 Horde Expedition.

At the end of the route you will also have at least 1x[Dalaran Cookin Award] and some [Northern Spices], some Outland meat or fish and hopefully an Outland recipe.



Starting off in Dalaran.

  • Port to Shattrath and get the Outland cooking daily from the Rokk in Lower City. Complete it and turn it in (if you’re like me, you’ll keep your fingers crossed for an Outland recipe you don’t have yet, so you can complete the Achievment The Outland Gourmet).
  • Hearthstone back to Dalaran. Pick up the Northrend cooking daily from Awilo Lon’gomba in the Horde Quarter Inn. Complete the quest (if you’re really lucky, you can get one of the two rare cooking recipes from Outland in the reward bags). Alliance characters following this guide have the same quest, but will have to pick it up at the Alliance Inn in Dalaran.
  • Fly to Dun Niffelem in Storm Peaks

Storm Peaks – Sons of Hodir

I’m not revered with this faction yet, so there are 3 quests available for me.


1. Pick up the three quests:

2. Go to the frozen lake to the east of Dun Niffelem and kill Brittle Revenants until you have 5x[Essence of Ice]

3. Move southeast to where the Seething Reventants roam. There on the gorund you should be able to see small black metal scraps. Get close to one and use your [Essence of Ice]. Repeat this until you have 5x[Frozen Iron Scraps].

4. Fly north to the anchient battlefield. Kill 5 Niffelem Forefathers and 5 Restless Frostborn Warriors. Target the bodies and use your [Hodir’s Horn].

5. Fly past Dun Niffelem to the cave situated southwest of the questhub. Once inside kill 5xViscous Oil (the yellow slime mobs) and loot the quest item.

6. Fly back to Dun Niffelem and turn in the three quests.

  • From Dun Niffelem fly to Icecrown

Icecrown – Orgrim’s Hammer and Ymirheim

I’ve chosen to only do the dailies in Icecrown that give reputation with the Warsong Offensive.

The quests for Alliance are the same, but are picked up aboard the Alliance flying ship and just south of the Ymirheim Horde quest hub. They give reputation with the Alliance faction that corresponds to the Warsong Offensive for the Horde.


1. Pick up the quest aboard Orgrim’s Hammer:

2. Fly to the northeastern border of Ymirheim (58,46) and pick up the 2 quests there:

3. Escort the Kor’kron squad to the gates of Ymirheim.

4. Kill the mobs there until you’ve completed Blood of the Chosen.

5. Go up to the top of Ymirheim. There behind a building (52,57) pick up the last quest in this zone:

6. Use the robot to jump to the top of the mountain and plant the flag. Once you’ve planted the flag eject from the vehicle and just fly back down to the goblin and turn in the quest.

7. Go back to where you picked up the two Assault quests. Turn in Assaul by Ground and do Assault by Air (jump into a plain and shoot at the spear guns in Ymirheim until the quest is completed). Turn in this quest as well.

8. Fly back to Orgrim’s Hammer and turn in Blood of the Chosen.

  • Fly to Rainspeaker Canopy camp in Sholazar Basin.

Sholazar Basin – Rainspeaker Canopy

This part is hard to map out, since the daily quests are random. Instead, I’d like to point to a very good comment on Wowhead, where the rotation between these dailies is explained.


Pick up the three dailies in the Oracle village Rainspeaker Canopy (54,56), complete them and turn them in back at the village.

If you have chosen the Frenzyheart tribe over the Oracles you’ll have to do 3 quests from them instad. These are picked up at Frenzyheart Hill just south of the Oracle quest hub.

  • Fly to Coldarra in the Borean Tundra

Borean Tundra – Coldarra and Kaskala


1. Pick up the quest Drake Hunt from Raelorasz at Tansitus Shield in Coldarra. IMPORTANT: This quest is a low level daily and you’ll have to turn on the quest tracking on your minimap to be able to see it.

2. Go slightly south of the quest hub (33,34) and you should be able to find a Nexus Drake Hatching to harpoon and take back to Raelorasz.

3. Go back to Tansitus Shield and turn in the quest.

4. Fly up to the northeastern Occulus platform (29,24) and get the quest Aces High! from Corastrasza. Talk to her when you are ready to start and she’ll summon a dragon for you to ride. Kill the drakes flying around her using your dragon’s abilities, then fly back to her and turn in the quest.

5. Fly over to the western entrace to Kaskala and get the quest Preparing for the Worst from Utaik. The boxes you need for the quest are scattered all over the ruined village. Gather 8x[Kaskala Supplies] and turn in the quest.

  • Fly over to Moa’ki Harbor in Dragonblight.

Dragonblight – Moa’ki Harbor and Wyrmrest Temple


1. At Moa’ki Harbor get the quest Planning for the Future from Trapper Mau’i.

2. Just to the north of the quest hub you’ll find small camps of wolgar. The yellow critter babies can be picked up just as loot. Go around picking them up until you’ve got 12x[Snowfall Glade Pup]. Go back and turn in the quest.

3. Fly up to the middle level of Wyrmrest Tower and pick up the quest Defending Wyrmrest Temple from Lord Afrasastrasz. Just outside where the quest giver is standing you can talk to dragons to mount them. Get on a dragon and kill 5x[Azure Drake] and 3x[Azure Dragon].

4. Fly over to the Azure Dragonshrine and use your dragon’s abilities to destabilize it.

5. Fly back to Lord Afrasastrasz and turn in the quest.

  • Fly to Kamagua  in Howling Fjord.

Howling Fjord – Kamagua

Only one quest in this zone:


1. Pick up the quest The Way to his Heart from Anuniaq.

2. Go to the crossing between the two islands, where the bulls and cows are found and swim out into the water. If you dive just a little you’ll be able to see the schools of Tasty Reef Fish. Make sure you have at least 5 fish (6 to be safe) and then go to the southern bank where the bulls are. Use the fish to lure a bull over to a cow on the northren bank.

3. Turn in the quest back at Kamagua.

  • Fly to the Blue Sky Logging Grounds in Grizzly Hills.

Grizzly Hills – Blue Sky Logging Ground and Amberpine Lodge

These dailies are classes as PvP quests and are in a PvP Area.

Alliance has the same quests and they are picked up in the same area from Alliance NPCs.


1. At Blue Sky Logging Ground (34,33) pick up the follow quests:

All these quests are completed right there in the same area. Just run around bandaging wounded npc’s, killing npc’s and rescuing shredders untill you have completed them all. Turn them in.

2. Fly over to Amberpine Lodge (26,65) and pick up the quest Blackriver Brawl from Raider Captain Kronn. The mobs you need to kill are just north of the npc. Complete the quest and turn it in.

And voila! You’re done: 23 dailies all in one go!

I hope you have enjoyed this walkthrough and found it usefull. If you find any mistakes or have any comments, please let me know.


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