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If a Tree Falls…

As some of you might already know, Phaelia of Resto4Life has been greeted with wonderful personal news: she and Mr. Phae are awaiting their first baby. /cheer


This was very nice to hear, though for us resto druids out there, it means the loss of one of the greatest sources of information and inspiration. This is a gap that will not be easy to fill I think, Phae also having been so important for the druid blogging community.

I’ve been following the Resto4Life blog even before I rolled a resto druid, simply because it struck me as a good blog and ever since I decided to roll a druid, it has been the one blog I have consulted the most.

So if you are one of the people who, like me, has enjoyed Phae’s work, I urge you to go over to Resto4Life and leave her a comment. Let her know how much you’ve liked her work and wish her all the best for the future. Let’s make sure she knows exactly how well appreciated she has been and how much she will be missed. 🙂


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Cow with Fins

You’re never going to believe this.

Once I mastered the Bear Form, my Druid trainer called me back and had me “prove myself ” again. I’m not going to bore you with the details of all the errands he had me run for him, but at the end he taught me another shape shift incantation!

Here’s the part you’ll never believe: he taught me how to turn into a…

Yeah, that’s right. A seal. I now know the incantation for Seal Form.

I mean I’ll admit it’s handy for crossing great bodies of water, but Seal Form? I don’t even have a neck in Seal Form for crying out loud!

One thing’s for sure: you won’t see me shifting into Seal Form with other people around, no sir!

Seal Form! The nerve…

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Cow with Wrawr!

Well, it’s been a busy week in the life of Cowwithbark to say the least!

After I had worked for the people of Bloodhoof Village for a while, I got word from my Druid trainer up in Thunder Bluff that he wanted to have a word. I was quite nervous not knowing what he wanted, but it turned out that he had been following my progress and was content. It was time for the next part of my training. So he taught me the incantation needed to teleport oneself to Moonglade and sent me off to Nighthaven to meet with Dendrite Starblaze, another druid who has devoted himself to teaching new recruits.

So off to Moonglade I went to meet up with this Dendrite fellow, who turned out to be a Night Elf! Bah! I flinched when I first saw him, but I had to take a deep breath and restreigh myself. You are not a Blood Elf, you are a tauren druid and this is a fellow druid regardless of his shape and form. Now smile and get on with it! So I did my best to keep my disdain for the Night Elf out of my facial expression and went on with the charade.

Either I did well at hiding my true feelings or he was simply to busy or mistook my behaviour for nervousness. Either way he simply welcomed me and instructed me to seek out the Great Bear Spirit that dwells in the Moonglade and ask it to teach me about the nature of the Bear.

At first the spirit was reluctant to let me near, but after a while he too seemed to accept the strange look in my eyes and so I sat down to be taught about the ways of the Bear. After having learned about the Bear, I was sent on to prove that I had the strength required to proceed to mastering its form.

I have to tell you, either I have forgotten how tedious it is to be a new recruit, or these druids like to put their recruits through some extra hardships just for the fun of it…

So in order to prove my strenght i got sent to the boarder of the Barrens and Mulgore, where I summoned Lunaclaw and proceeded to royally smacking his behind. Seriously all these prove-yourself tasks were starting to get on my nerves!

But once I returned to my Druid trainer in Thunder Bluff with the message from Lunaclaws spirit that I had passed the final test, he took me aside and whispered into my ear the sacred incantation that would transform me into a bear. The thrill of expectation sent shivers down my spine. Not only did I know how to travel from one body to another, I now also possessed the power of transforming the body I currently control. I was ecstatic.

Little did I know at the time what hardships would await me! You’d think that after having reached the highest rank within the mage society, a little incantation of transformation would not present any trouble, to a seasoned sorceress as myself. Wrong.

The first time I tired it out, all I managed to transform were my hands (or front paws if you will). It turns out that you need to concentrate to cast the spell, but you’re not allowed to concentrate on any particular part of your body, or that will be the only part that transforms! It took me a lot of tries to finally master the spell somewhat correctly, but I can already tell that it gets easier and easier for every time I do it.

In short: I’ve spent the entire week learning and practising how to shift shape into a bear. After a lot of practice (alone, in a dark corner of the Barrens of course, no way I’d let people see me like this!) I finally managed to turn myself into a whole bear… at least up to the horns. It’s really frustrating, but no matter what I do, I just can’t seem to make those horns go away, I just can’t! Arch Druid Hamuul said it’s all right, that most new druids have problems with this and that it is very possible it will take me years before I master hiding them.

Oh joy.

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Deep breath. Deep breath!

Ok, starting to get used to the shifted weight-point. Feel the body. Hooves are normal, nothing to worry about. Now try to mouth some words, that’s it. You have to get this right if you don’t want every tauren in the village to freak out and get yourself caught possessing bodies. I hear those taurens can be quite cruel when they feel offended and something tells me them finding out you’ve possessed one of their rookies is not going to be seen as a good thing. Deep breath. Deep breath! God I really should not have stayed in one body for so long, I get so rusty every time that happens!

Ok, now walk a bit. Just over to that tree there, they won’t pay too much attention to you for a little while longer, good. Ok, getting better, not perfect, but better. You can always go for the “I’m from the neighbouring village” story, that works for every race.

Now relax. Loosen up. Let go a bit and let the subconscious take care of the trivial stuff. This body knows how to breath, walk and talk like a tauren, you just have to let it. The trick is for the brain to stop telling the body it’s a Bloodelf.

You are not a Bloodelf. You are… relax, your brain knows who it is… you are Serga Mistrunner, of the proud Mistrunner line, yes. Your people are druids, menders of the earth, blessed by the Earthmother with her power and wisdom. You’ve come here to Redrock Mesa to start your basic druid training. (Ha! I knew that all that research about taurens I did while walking with Cow with Guns would some day pay off!)

Ok? Ok, I think I’ve got it. Now, let’s see what that tauren over there can tell us, he looks to be the one in charge around here.


The tauren in charge turned out to be Grull Hawkwind, a seasoned tauren, who had a long list of assignments he needed help with. I played my part of the obedient apprentice and did all the little errands he and his colleagues had for me. All from finding chief Grull’s poor old mother who got lost not ten feet from the village its self, to killing Bristlback Quillboears and their Battleboear pets and other odds and ends the chief needed fixed.

Now this might all sound very nice and easy, but let me tell you something: it isn’t when you’ve had about ten minutes to adjust to a new body and schooling. No teleportation spells, no conjuring water, no nothing. After the first task, the chief was all pleased with me and handed me a staff. I thought Yes! Finally, something I know how to work with. Bah! It turns out, this staff wasn’t magically enhanced to help you focus while channelling a spell, no, it was a plain wooden stick. Apparently you access it’s great powers… by hitting the opponent on the head with it. It seems even at my age, I learn something new each day.

Ok, I’ll admit things got easier as I kept going. Once I started to get the hang of me deciding what to do, but letting the tauren brain order out how it should be done, it went alot better. The drawback turned out to be the most annoying urge to graze and moo every five steps. But I guess that’s good for my credibility.

After spending a few hours running errands for chief Grull and his team, he finally felt comfortable enough with me to send me on to the Bloodhoof Village by Stonebull Lake.

Now since I already have some experience with “being” a tauren from when I spent time with Cowwithguns (yes, that’s the names i use. Cowwithguns. Cowwithbark. I can’t pronounce those tauren names and I don’t care to learn how to either!). As I was saying; having had some first hand experience with the Mulgore region and its settlements, I chose to pass by Bloodhoof Village and go straight to Thunder Bluff to enlist with the Profession Guilds. Since the major Profession Guilds have this policy that you may only learn the trade of two Guilds at a time and since I’d had the urge for grazing nagging at me all day, I chose to learn the trades of the Herbalists and the Skinners. The Earthmother knows, there is more then enough “material” to work with in Mulgore for these particular professions.

I also went by the Bank of Thunderbluff and opened up an account to keep the herbs and hides I collect in.

After that, it was back to Bloodhoof Village to see if they would hire me there.

It turned out they were in need of more people and I got sent out on several errands right away. I then spent the rest of the day travelling trough Mulgore hunting wild cats, sabotaging the dig-site of a dwarven expedition, gathering feathers from the Harpies of the East and delivering the tauren’s message to the uninvited Venture Co. people of the area. I also had to feed the village dog.

At the end of the day, I was just happy to head over to Thunder Bluff, get up to date with my class and profession trainers and then pass out on one of the hammocks in the Thunder Bluff Inn.

I had forgotten how exhausting it is to be a new recruit, and in a body you’re not used to on top of that. Tomorrow will be easier though. Every day spent with a new vessel makes it a little easier, the trick is just to not get too accustomed to only one body…

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