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Happy Azeroth Arbor Day everyone! 😀


There’s no better way for a tree to pass its free time other then waterskiing in the waterfalls of Sholazar Basin. Our roots make for excellent rudders and the leaves catch the wind perfectly!


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or How I Came to Absolutely Adore Ulduar.

Take a close look at this screenshot. Go on. Click it to get the full view, I’ll wait for you to finish.


Now did you see that? Did you spot all the CC (crowd control for those of you who joined us in WoW post TBC)? Now there might actually be a reason to finish leveling and gearing up my mage.:)

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And here’s the proof for it:


There’s an explanation for this, I promise! Here it comes:

One of my guild mates needed the Ruby Void achievement as the very last thing to getting the meta-achievement Glory to the Hero. So, as the very kind tree that I am, I offered to help out and since we were all feeling kinda bored and crazy, we decided to get two achievements done at the same time: Ruby Void and Emerald Void.

With this in mind we mounted up on five Amber Drakes and after a bit of tacticizing, we went for it – naked of course, since we knew it was going to take a few tries and let’s face it, we’re all cheap bastards.

We downed the boss on our fifth try, my guild mate got his meta-achievement done and I got this pretty little screenshot.

*update* This comment over on wowhead was the basis for the tactic we used to get this done. It requires your team to work together – work out beforehand who will use time rift when and in what order you want to use the time stops. The last three tries, after we got the general feel for the encounter, we managed to time the time stops so that we did not have any kind of adds until after the boss came out of phase 2 the first time. This was of great help, since there are no healing dragons involved. (Thank you vlad for pointing out that I should add this part to the post!)

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I’m not sure if anyone is still reading my blog, but I thought I’d give it a go again anyway, just in case there still are people out there interested in what I’m up to.


I left you all with the joyous message of my being accepted into the top Horde guild on the server. Needless to say I was excited and quite nervous: Would I be able to level up to 70 before the expansion? Would I be able to keep up in the race to 80 and be there to join the first raids? And once there, would I be good enough to earn my spot in the guild?

So how did it go?

Better then I had dared to expect: I hit 70 two days before Wrath came out, just early enough to allow for a short rest and a chance to get my real life affairs in order before the race to 80.

Wrath came and I joined the horde (pun intended!) of players making their way through Howling Fjord, Dragonblight and onward. All in all, it took me just over a week to reach the levelcap – far from being the first on the server or in the guild, I was still one in the first wave of healers to get there.

I joined both guild runs and PUGs to heroics and got my gear sorted and one week later, I reported for duty for our first raid! I did not top the charts, but neither did I die or end up last – I did just fine.

Then followed a period of hard work – analyzing the log stats, talking to the other resto druids and trying to outdo my own performance from the previous raids, to better myself.


Where am I now?

All instances have been cleared. We were the first on the server to down Sartharion with three drakes up (though the top Alliance guild killed it on the same night, so it was decided we would share the server first).

I’m not topping the healing lists every time, but I do end up on top now and then and am always in the top shift. I know the fights, I have the gear and feel quite secure in my role.

The guild turned out to be a good place to be. They’re all good, some even exceptional, players; most of them are nice people and quite a few are fun to hang out with. There are still days when I don’t really feel like one of the gang yet, but in general I feel quite at home here and I’ve had more then a few laughs while doing achievements, raids and heroics.


What about the Voodoo Puppets?

Well the real life friends who played with us have now moved on: some have moved server, others have simply quit playing.

Idara and Malignant have stoped playing too, so there is only half as much WoW talk in the house right now. As for Bloodgorger/Masque/Kanishi, my better half,  he has found his own guild to join. It is a more casual, smaller guild with a lot of very talented players, but most of all relaxed and easy-going, fun people. He had been with them less then a month before they made him an officer.

So here we are then: just as the ingame plague slaughtered half of the characters of my role playing stories, half our real life WoW forces have left us. We who are left,have gone our separate ways, but are starting to find our place in the world again after the uprooting that the expansion brought on.


And the blog?

It’s time the blog got some much needed attention, so I will be back with thoughts and stories of the raiding life of a resto druid, and my characters will be back sharing their stories with you.

So, dear reader:

If you’re still here, reading: thank you for waiting! We’re back and will do our best to make your wait worth the while!

If you’ve found your way back, having heard about the resurrection: welcome back! I hope you’ll find the new content as interesting as the old!

And if you’re new altogether: a warm welcome and may your stay be pleasant!

We’re back! 😉


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Yesterday was a good day. A very very good day even. Rather then tell you what happened I’d like to show you:

eemaiaraOk, so can you spot the difference?

That’s right! Maiara is no longer a member of the Voodoo Puppets. Oh don’t get me wrong, she’s still the tool of the Voodoo Queen herself, but she is now a tree on a mission!

About a week ago I applied to the best PvE guild on the server and yesterday (by the time I had given up all hope I might add) I was contacted about my application. “We’ve decided we want to give you a chance.” Hurray!

Now this of course doesn’t mean it’s all in the bag, on the contrary:

  • I’m only level 63, since I was planning on waiting on my boyfriend to start his Death Knight tank so we could level together. Of course the new guild would rather see I’m 70 and ready to burst thought the new content the day the expansion hits, so what I though would be two very calm and uneventful weeks have now turned into a race to 70, at the same time that I’m trying to sort everything IRL to get some more free time for the next few weeks.
  • This will mean really working to get to 80 fast! Which is no little feat as a healer and considering I actually do have 2 or 3 RL things to deal with during the first week, but all in all, this should really not be a problem. I just hope I still get to play with my family, which brings me to my next point
  • Less time playing with the family. I know they’ve all expressed loose wishes to apply to this guild and they are all good enough to get in, that’s for sure. The two best dpsers I’ve experienced so far and an amazing tank, there might be room for them too, who knows. But this is an assumption I’m not making. I will have to assume that none of them will get in (if they even apply) and that I will have to put some extra work in to be able to keep playing with them.
  • I have to explain this to the few other people in my old guild, four real life friends who, when they heard we had rerolled Horde, immediatley switched to our server to be able to play with us. They sort of invited themselves in and I’ve been honest with them from the start: I’m glad they’re here and I’m looking forward to playing with them, but what I want is hardcore raiding, that’s my passion, that’s my goal.

And that’s the current situation in a nutshell 🙂 Overall – I’m extatic. I realize this means hard work and there’s no guarantee I’ll make it into their raidingteam, but that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Today, I get to dream big!

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