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wedding-rings2Isn’t WoW just like a partner?

You got introduced, you spent some time together and it clicked. You fell in love and for a long very long time you ignored all the little negative things, like the fact that he is so time consuming, that everything happens on his terms and that he can’t commit to a future together, at least not extending the current expansion.

But then something like two years passed and the magic started wearing off (since it is at about this time that nature decided to stop pumping you full or “love him”-hormones). You find yourself noticing all these short-comings and you start asking yourself: is he really worth it? And so it’s time for a pro and con list, or some soul searching, or a coin toss, or whatever it is you usually do in these kind of situations – all the while with him patiently waiting for you to make up your mind, knowing that he will most certainly be OK either way.

Whether he is worth sticking with after the magic has died down or not is up to every single one of us to decide.

However, keep in mind that what you had back then is gone and you can’t have that back. The question is – do you want to stick around and try to build something new, or do you want to end it now, keep all the wonderful memories and go searching for a new man hobby?

As for me, I have decided to give the old boy a chance and stick around – see what happens.


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