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Dearest All,

I will keep this short and simple, as I do not know how to put it otherwise.

The relationship i have been involved in for almost a decade has ended.

For now, there is no WoW for me simply because I am homeless and have things I need to sort out, but I suspect that I will not be back once things have settled either. As much as I have enjoyed the game, it has always in a way been something we did together, something we had together. Having left an entire life behind me, I can’t see how I could keep this part of it, nor am I sure I would want to.

So this is my goodbye, as much as I hate having to say so.

I want to thank all who have inspired me – Phaelia, Larisa, Gnomie, Euripedes, Ratters, Aleathea and many many more; all of you who have read the blog, commented, been here for this journey.

A special thank you to you, Avonar, for introducing me to the world of blogging. I am hook and will most probably go on writing in some form.

Thank you all and may your WoWing and blogging days be many, happy and rich with experiences!




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