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Yesterday was a good day. A very very good day even. Rather then tell you what happened I’d like to show you:

eemaiaraOk, so can you spot the difference?

That’s right! Maiara is no longer a member of the Voodoo Puppets. Oh don’t get me wrong, she’s still the tool of the Voodoo Queen herself, but she is now a tree on a mission!

About a week ago I applied to the best PvE guild on the server and yesterday (by the time I had given up all hope I might add) I was contacted about my application. “We’ve decided we want to give you a chance.” Hurray!

Now this of course doesn’t mean it’s all in the bag, on the contrary:

  • I’m only level 63, since I was planning on waiting on my boyfriend to start his Death Knight tank so we could level together. Of course the new guild would rather see I’m 70 and ready to burst thought the new content the day the expansion hits, so what I though would be two very calm and uneventful weeks have now turned into a race to 70, at the same time that I’m trying to sort everything IRL to get some more free time for the next few weeks.
  • This will mean really working to get to 80 fast! Which is no little feat as a healer and considering I actually do have 2 or 3 RL things to deal with during the first week, but all in all, this should really not be a problem. I just hope I still get to play with my family, which brings me to my next point
  • Less time playing with the family. I know they’ve all expressed loose wishes to apply to this guild and they are all good enough to get in, that’s for sure. The two best dpsers I’ve experienced so far and an amazing tank, there might be room for them too, who knows. But this is an assumption I’m not making. I will have to assume that none of them will get in (if they even apply) and that I will have to put some extra work in to be able to keep playing with them.
  • I have to explain this to the few other people in my old guild, four real life friends who, when they heard we had rerolled Horde, immediatley switched to our server to be able to play with us. They sort of invited themselves in and I’ve been honest with them from the start: I’m glad they’re here and I’m looking forward to playing with them, but what I want is hardcore raiding, that’s my passion, that’s my goal.

And that’s the current situation in a nutshell 🙂 Overall – I’m extatic. I realize this means hard work and there’s no guarantee I’ll make it into their raidingteam, but that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Today, I get to dream big!


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