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Happy Azeroth Arbor Day everyone! 😀


There’s no better way for a tree to pass its free time other then waterskiing in the waterfalls of Sholazar Basin. Our roots make for excellent rudders and the leaves catch the wind perfectly!


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Since a picture is said to say more then a thousand words, I thought three pictures would say even more! So here goes:

Click the images to view the fullsized versions.

This is what I stumbled upontoday as I was leaving Dalaran, on my way to Naxxramas:


A close-up look at the first phase of the Kel’Thuzad fight:


And the result of endless weeks of raiding that godforsaken place:


No need for any more words, i think 🙂

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Opening my Achievement window and being met by half-full bars annoys me to no end! Some say I am a bit of a perfectionist, others that I have a mild case of O.C.D. but either way one thing is true: I hate seeing this summary.


I have a very hard time seeing half-full bars, that is usually what makes me push on to dinging and also what makes me want to stop right after I have dinged. And it is what pushes me to complete achievements (except for the ones that award titles, which I would complete anyway).


Achievements Compared to other Games

My knowledge of MMO-games is restricted to WoW and Warhammer Online. The latter I only know a little about, having played a character up to level 13. But by having seen more then WoW I have something to compare with.

The Warhammer Online Achievement System differs somewhat from the World of Warcraft one:

In Warhammer Online Achievements are hidden, you don’t know an Achievement exists until it pops up on your screen as completed. My initial reaction was that I prefer the Warcraft approach of seeing what Achievements are available, but there is an advantage with the Warhammer Online System: it does not put you under stress to the same degree as the Warcraft one. As mentioned above, having to see the half-empty bars annoys me. Though I like knowing things in advance, I would prefer not having to see exactly how many things I haven’t done yet. Instead of Achievements being fun little things, it puts me in mind of a list of chores and I am faced with exactly how many I have not completed yet.

The other big difference is the amount of titles available through Achievements:

pin-cushion-titleWarhammer Online is littered with titles. And I really mean littered – by the time you reach your tenth level (out of forty) you already have about twenty titles to choose from, which are most probably not even the same ones as those your friends have. Of course there are titles that are extremely rare and can only be obtained by long, hard work and lots of cooperation with other people, but in Warhammer Online titles not only have the function of indicating hard work (as the Warcraft titles do, or at least used to do in TBC), they also have the function of character customization – kind of like haircuts obtainable at the barbershop in Warcaft. And by offering such a great variety of titles to even the lowliest player, the designers have ensured that titles do not have to be overly common.

Let’s face it: every other person you see in Dalaran nowadays is a Jenkins, but I think that if we had more titles to choose from, there would be more diversity.

The fact that so many run around with the Jenkins title, even if it means they have to be associated with “that other guy on the server, that is a real noob” proves to me that people really want titles (or family names).


What it Boils Down to

Of course no system is perfect and the WoW Achievemt System never will be either, but there is certainly room for improvement.

If I were to change something, it would most probably be the way in which achievements are displayed: I would prefer to hide the achievements I have not completed yet and only look at them when I choose to. This could be done by an option in the Interface Menu, or by only showing uncompleted achievements on the Armory for example.

And of course, if I could have my way, I would implement many, many, many more titles into the game. I mean who would not want to be: Soandso the Vain, or Emperor Whatsyourname?

Myself, I could picture myself as:

Maiara Pin Cushion

a titles obtained after having died 10 times.

Is there any title you would like to see beside your name?


For a full list of the titles available in Warhammer Online, visit this link.

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… you replace your four year old laptop for an actual computer. And a really good one I might add!

Click on the images for enlarged versions.


And this:


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Maiara had to muster up all her willpower and to remind herself: this is still your furry little friend! No matter how tasty he looks, he is not to be munched on!


I would like to apologize for the lack of posts, or at least posts worth mentioning at the moment. I have been quite uninspired latley, which in combination with a lot going on in my life has led to the current situation. I will however try to post more frequently, even if it’s just to show off a screenshot or post a particularly funny comment made in chat.

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On Twilight Wings


We were the first on the server to take down Sartharion with three drakes up, but as we got more and more used to the content, we came to the point were everything got cleared in one night, i.e. Wednesday night, the one night I can’t play. This week, I got home early from work and got invited to the raid for Malygos and Sartharion. On Sartharion the drake dropped of course. The raid leader did a raid roll as usual and ended up with a person who already had a drake. New roll. The person he called out next passed. New roll. And that’s when it happened: my name came up.

And so, here I am: the happy owner of my second drake on Maiara (the first being the Bronze drake from the times event in Culling of Stratholme Heroic). I’ve promised myself never to use flight form again!… well at least not anytime soon 🙂

Here’s a close up on this beauty, who I haven’t thought of a name for yet:


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And here’s the proof for it:


There’s an explanation for this, I promise! Here it comes:

One of my guild mates needed the Ruby Void achievement as the very last thing to getting the meta-achievement Glory to the Hero. So, as the very kind tree that I am, I offered to help out and since we were all feeling kinda bored and crazy, we decided to get two achievements done at the same time: Ruby Void and Emerald Void.

With this in mind we mounted up on five Amber Drakes and after a bit of tacticizing, we went for it – naked of course, since we knew it was going to take a few tries and let’s face it, we’re all cheap bastards.

We downed the boss on our fifth try, my guild mate got his meta-achievement done and I got this pretty little screenshot.

*update* This comment over on wowhead was the basis for the tactic we used to get this done. It requires your team to work together – work out beforehand who will use time rift when and in what order you want to use the time stops. The last three tries, after we got the general feel for the encounter, we managed to time the time stops so that we did not have any kind of adds until after the boss came out of phase 2 the first time. This was of great help, since there are no healing dragons involved. (Thank you vlad for pointing out that I should add this part to the post!)

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