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or How I Came to Absolutely Adore Ulduar.

Take a close look at this screenshot. Go on. Click it to get the full view, I’ll wait for you to finish.


Now did you see that? Did you spot all the CC (crowd control for those of you who joined us in WoW post TBC)? Now there might actually be a reason to finish leveling and gearing up my mage.:)


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Since a picture is said to say more then a thousand words, I thought three pictures would say even more! So here goes:

Click the images to view the fullsized versions.

This is what I stumbled upontoday as I was leaving Dalaran, on my way to Naxxramas:


A close-up look at the first phase of the Kel’Thuzad fight:


And the result of endless weeks of raiding that godforsaken place:


No need for any more words, i think 🙂

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Yesterday was a good day. A very very good day even. Rather then tell you what happened I’d like to show you:

eemaiaraOk, so can you spot the difference?

That’s right! Maiara is no longer a member of the Voodoo Puppets. Oh don’t get me wrong, she’s still the tool of the Voodoo Queen herself, but she is now a tree on a mission!

About a week ago I applied to the best PvE guild on the server and yesterday (by the time I had given up all hope I might add) I was contacted about my application. “We’ve decided we want to give you a chance.” Hurray!

Now this of course doesn’t mean it’s all in the bag, on the contrary:

  • I’m only level 63, since I was planning on waiting on my boyfriend to start his Death Knight tank so we could level together. Of course the new guild would rather see I’m 70 and ready to burst thought the new content the day the expansion hits, so what I though would be two very calm and uneventful weeks have now turned into a race to 70, at the same time that I’m trying to sort everything IRL to get some more free time for the next few weeks.
  • This will mean really working to get to 80 fast! Which is no little feat as a healer and considering I actually do have 2 or 3 RL things to deal with during the first week, but all in all, this should really not be a problem. I just hope I still get to play with my family, which brings me to my next point
  • Less time playing with the family. I know they’ve all expressed loose wishes to apply to this guild and they are all good enough to get in, that’s for sure. The two best dpsers I’ve experienced so far and an amazing tank, there might be room for them too, who knows. But this is an assumption I’m not making. I will have to assume that none of them will get in (if they even apply) and that I will have to put some extra work in to be able to keep playing with them.
  • I have to explain this to the few other people in my old guild, four real life friends who, when they heard we had rerolled Horde, immediatley switched to our server to be able to play with us. They sort of invited themselves in and I’ve been honest with them from the start: I’m glad they’re here and I’m looking forward to playing with them, but what I want is hardcore raiding, that’s my passion, that’s my goal.

And that’s the current situation in a nutshell 🙂 Overall – I’m extatic. I realize this means hard work and there’s no guarantee I’ll make it into their raidingteam, but that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Today, I get to dream big!

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If you’ve read the “About the Author?” page on this blog you know by now, that the characters I currently play are not the ones I started out with.

I used to play Alliance. *gasp* I know.
I used to play a healer, not dps. *gasp* Yeah, I know.
I used to raid five days a week, be a class leader and be in charge of all healing during raids, not sit around Shattrath transmuting Primal Earth into Primal Air and get bored. *doublegasp* Yeah, I know…

When my family and I (there’s four of us) decided to leave our guild and realm and start over, we were presented with two choices: Rename and transfer our characters and pick up where we left off somewhere else, or start over from scratch.

The reasons we decided to leave were many fold. Too many people in the leadership of the guild were pulling in too many different directions. Too many different opinions on how things should be handled and too much indecisiveness. Too much weight on too few peoples shoulders. The result was that we lost our flame, could no longer see the fun in the game and towards the end even dreaded turning on the computer and facing the log-in screen. To get to the point: it was simply time for a change.

Being the optimist that I am, I felt that starting over from scratch would be equivalent to a second chance. I’d get to do everything over again, only better this time. It’s kind of like taking the code of an old website and changing it, versus writing new code from scratch. Starting fresh is cleaner and has more potential.

Being the sentimentalist that I am, I did not feel right taking my old main from her home. Forcing her to leave her past and the name she had made for herself behind, only to start over somewhere new, where none of her hard work would matter.

So the choice for me was simple, I wanted to start fresh. Fortunately (I don’t know if for the same reasons) my family wanted to make the same choice and so we decided to start over from scratch and build something new together.

Starting over meant we could (and had to) choose what opportunities and limitations we would have once we got to 70 and eventually on in Wrath to 80. We all voted for endless hours of raiding and epics raining from the skies! Well at least some raiding…

Since there’s four of us and we all love PvE the most, we figured we’d be able to do all instances up to heroics together (without really needing a fifth member), if only we were smart with creating the characters so that they would complement each other.  Four characters designed together would also be a decent start for building a 10-man group for Karazhan and maybe even for Wrath of the Lich King, since all raiding-content will be doable on 10-man level. Maybe not as mighty as 25-man, but it has it’s appeals.

Four characters designed together to complement each other is almost half way to seeing all the content the next expantion has to offer. This is no small thing.

Now I know not everyone is in the same situation as us, not everyone decides to start new somewhere else, but I think a lot of us are looking over our choice of main at the moment, since the introduction of the Wrath of the Lich King means we all get a fresh start in a way.

So how to choose what to play?

To PewPew or not to PewPew

Once we decided we wanted to play Horde and found a server we liked, we still had to decide what to play. We had already decided that we wanted our characters to match, i.e. someone had to roll a tank and someone a healer, the other two some sort of dps classes.

Here’s where I think we made the wrong choice. I used to be a healer and Masque used to be a tank. Idara and Malignant used to play  dps classes. And we were all really really good at what we did, but given the chance to start fresh, we wanted to try out something different. Idara wanted to try out tanking and Malignant agreed to heal, which left me and Masque with the PewPew. I chose a Mage since I’ve always loved playing casters and I’ve always had a weak spot for Mages in particular. Masque chose to play a shadowpriest.

The reason I say that this is where I think we made the wrong choice is that even though we all did really well in our new roles, it eventually turned out that not everyone was happy. There’s a good reason we used to play the roles we used to play, and it turned out that switching around was not as grand an idea as we first thought it would be. So now we find ourselves in the situation, where (because one person was not happy with their role) we all need to rethink what we will play. Which to some extent means leveling new characters… again.

The Lesson

Now here comes the greatest advice I wish to give to anyone who is considering re-rolling and the main reason I decided to write this post:

What you choose to play should be influenced by two main things (1) what part of the game are you interested in and (2) what are the people around you playing.

1.) what part of the game are you interested in: If your main goal is to become champion over the arena, you should choose a class that performs well in the arena. To find out which class is best suited for this you can look at the top arena teams and see what classes they have to help you decide.

If your main goal is to PvE (and here is where (2) also plays in) you should consider what you are good at. Not everyone has the right mindset to be a tank. Consider what you enjoy doing and ask yourself what is more important: what role/class you play or what part of the game you play. If you plan on raiding on a serious level, you’ll most probably be stuck with the first character you level to 80 so make sure you choose what you really wanted. You should think twice before choosing a healer, even if you’re really good at healing, if you find healing boring, since you otherwise risk to loose your raiding spot while you level a new character.

2.) what are the people around you playing: If you are in the same situation as me, that you play with other people, or if you already are in a raiding guild where most raiders are regular attendants, you’ll have to consider where there might be room for you. For the four of us, one tank was enough. Having two tanks or even three would have spoiled our entire leveling experience when it comes to doing instances. In a guild, it could be that there are too many dps. Choosing to re-roll to a dps class if you are one of the few healers in this guild, might cost you the spot in the guild/raid.

And if your main goal is to see new content and you don’t have a guild to play with, you should scout your server to see what roles are most needed. In general, tank is the role there is most demand for at the moment, but this does not apply to end-game raiding, since 25-mans require fewer tanks-per-capita then 5-mans. This could also change once the expantion goes live, since Death Knights will be able to tank, though this is not certain, since many might choose to play as dps.

In conclusion

When choosing what to play, you should first decide what part of the game you are interested in and then make a choice:

Do you want to experience that part of the game at the cost of playing exactly what you want? I love raiding, a team of people working together towards a common goal. I love to explore new content. As much as I like dps, I can be very much content and even happy with being a healer or tank, if this will get me into raids.

Or do you want to play exatly what you love at the cost of seeing certain parts of the game? I have a friend who chose to be a Moonkin and never ever anything else, but he has accepted the fact that there is not always room for him because of this.

I myself want to experience the social part of the game and to see as much content as possible. So as much as I love playing my Mage, I will be switching over to play a druid instead, since I feel the hybrid classes best fit my goals in the game. By choosing a hybril, I am flexible and will be able to play whatever part needed, thus hopefully always ensuring myself a spot in a group.

Others might prioritize differently.


The reason I wrote this post is that I find it very important that we reflect over our actions and that we are aware of the consequences of our choices beforehand, so that we have a greater chance to choose right from the start. I hope this was helpful.



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Deep breath. Deep breath!

Ok, starting to get used to the shifted weight-point. Feel the body. Hooves are normal, nothing to worry about. Now try to mouth some words, that’s it. You have to get this right if you don’t want every tauren in the village to freak out and get yourself caught possessing bodies. I hear those taurens can be quite cruel when they feel offended and something tells me them finding out you’ve possessed one of their rookies is not going to be seen as a good thing. Deep breath. Deep breath! God I really should not have stayed in one body for so long, I get so rusty every time that happens!

Ok, now walk a bit. Just over to that tree there, they won’t pay too much attention to you for a little while longer, good. Ok, getting better, not perfect, but better. You can always go for the “I’m from the neighbouring village” story, that works for every race.

Now relax. Loosen up. Let go a bit and let the subconscious take care of the trivial stuff. This body knows how to breath, walk and talk like a tauren, you just have to let it. The trick is for the brain to stop telling the body it’s a Bloodelf.

You are not a Bloodelf. You are… relax, your brain knows who it is… you are Serga Mistrunner, of the proud Mistrunner line, yes. Your people are druids, menders of the earth, blessed by the Earthmother with her power and wisdom. You’ve come here to Redrock Mesa to start your basic druid training. (Ha! I knew that all that research about taurens I did while walking with Cow with Guns would some day pay off!)

Ok? Ok, I think I’ve got it. Now, let’s see what that tauren over there can tell us, he looks to be the one in charge around here.


The tauren in charge turned out to be Grull Hawkwind, a seasoned tauren, who had a long list of assignments he needed help with. I played my part of the obedient apprentice and did all the little errands he and his colleagues had for me. All from finding chief Grull’s poor old mother who got lost not ten feet from the village its self, to killing Bristlback Quillboears and their Battleboear pets and other odds and ends the chief needed fixed.

Now this might all sound very nice and easy, but let me tell you something: it isn’t when you’ve had about ten minutes to adjust to a new body and schooling. No teleportation spells, no conjuring water, no nothing. After the first task, the chief was all pleased with me and handed me a staff. I thought Yes! Finally, something I know how to work with. Bah! It turns out, this staff wasn’t magically enhanced to help you focus while channelling a spell, no, it was a plain wooden stick. Apparently you access it’s great powers… by hitting the opponent on the head with it. It seems even at my age, I learn something new each day.

Ok, I’ll admit things got easier as I kept going. Once I started to get the hang of me deciding what to do, but letting the tauren brain order out how it should be done, it went alot better. The drawback turned out to be the most annoying urge to graze and moo every five steps. But I guess that’s good for my credibility.

After spending a few hours running errands for chief Grull and his team, he finally felt comfortable enough with me to send me on to the Bloodhoof Village by Stonebull Lake.

Now since I already have some experience with “being” a tauren from when I spent time with Cowwithguns (yes, that’s the names i use. Cowwithguns. Cowwithbark. I can’t pronounce those tauren names and I don’t care to learn how to either!). As I was saying; having had some first hand experience with the Mulgore region and its settlements, I chose to pass by Bloodhoof Village and go straight to Thunder Bluff to enlist with the Profession Guilds. Since the major Profession Guilds have this policy that you may only learn the trade of two Guilds at a time and since I’d had the urge for grazing nagging at me all day, I chose to learn the trades of the Herbalists and the Skinners. The Earthmother knows, there is more then enough “material” to work with in Mulgore for these particular professions.

I also went by the Bank of Thunderbluff and opened up an account to keep the herbs and hides I collect in.

After that, it was back to Bloodhoof Village to see if they would hire me there.

It turned out they were in need of more people and I got sent out on several errands right away. I then spent the rest of the day travelling trough Mulgore hunting wild cats, sabotaging the dig-site of a dwarven expedition, gathering feathers from the Harpies of the East and delivering the tauren’s message to the uninvited Venture Co. people of the area. I also had to feed the village dog.

At the end of the day, I was just happy to head over to Thunder Bluff, get up to date with my class and profession trainers and then pass out on one of the hammocks in the Thunder Bluff Inn.

I had forgotten how exhausting it is to be a new recruit, and in a body you’re not used to on top of that. Tomorrow will be easier though. Every day spent with a new vessel makes it a little easier, the trick is just to not get too accustomed to only one body…

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It’s Thursday. I’m in the Shattrath Bank. Again. Rearranging and organizing things. Again.

Fortunately Idara showed up in the nick of time to save me from boredom. She had just finished polishing her shield and said she wanted to try out some new fighting moves, was I interested in joining her into a dungeon? Sure. One of the really hard ones, without the weakening spell on, she insisted. Fine by me.

So she looked up Masque and Malignant and told them both that we were going (she seldom leave room for other people to protest) and that was that. Of course seeing as we were going to venture into one of the tougher dungeons, we would need another person to join us. With Idara tanking and Malignant healing her, we had Masque and me killing off the minions. We needed another person to help out with the killing.

Masque insisted that we go down to the Underbog and kill the Black Stalker, the creature that dwells in the utter depths of the dungeon. Apparently Griftah the troll had told him that the magic of this creature was such that one can use one of its tendrils as a weapon of great power. Masque wanted it.

So we asked around and got told that there was a rogue looking to go to the same place. Are you a good at sneaking around? Yes he was. Good, you’re hired. And off we went.

As usual we had no trouble getting through the creatures that live in the Underbog. The only creatures that gave us some trouble were the two Underbog Lords guarding Hungerfen. They have this nasty ability of growing in size and strenght disturbingly fast. After discussing it we decided on letting Masque distract one of them and lure it away, while the rest of us took care of the other one. We lost Masque in the process, which made him quite grumpy. You’d think with him being an undead and all, he’d be used to it by now… But apart from Masque there were no other casualties.

The great thing about the Underbog is that it is the perfect climate for a very rare flower. It doesn’t grow anywhere but there and it is very highly treasured by the Sporeggar Tribe. It also smells divine.

Dear Diary,

Today Masque gave me a [Sanguine Hibiscus]. Oh my…

We got through the rest of the dungeon without any major problems. We even freed that poor druid again. Seriously, he has to be masochistic. Why would he otherwise let himself get caught by that hunter over and over again. If i was him, I’d move to Azeroth, maybe Hillsbrand Foothills, get me a nice cottage by the Lake and forget all about that hunter, instead of falling into the same selfdistructive relashionship pattern.

After freeing the druid we had to dispatch of two more Underbog Lords and then we found him: the Black Stalker. Tactics were discussed. Idara would rush at it and keep it’s attention while the rogue would sneak up from behind. Masque would attack from the left and me from the right, with Malignant standing between us in case he needed protection.

The fight was short. The creature turned out to be no match for us and after slaying it, Malignant went over to start skinning it. Boy did that ever tick Masque off! He went off screaming on the top of his lungs WAIT! I need to get a tendril first! Don’t skin it yet! Fortunately for him, Malignant had started with the head, so they both got what they wanted.

Turns out that was quite the wand, that Masque acquired. After seeing my disappointment at not getting one as well, he offered to go talk to Griftah again and see if we could find another Black Stalker somewhere to get me the wand.

Dear Diary,

I’m not into the whole date-an-undead thing, but I have to admit Masque’s quite cute. Noone can handle a wand quite like him and that shadowform of his is absolutley delicious.

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What’s up?

So, being now a mage of the highest rank, my trainers claim they can’t teach me anything new. And all the other trainers are still refusing to teach me stuff on account of me already being trained by one of their rivals. What is there left to do?

At the moment I don’t really feel like venturing into an new body and Cowwithguns, the tauren body i keep handy really needs a rest after i raced him through all of Azeroth and prepared him for Outland.

So: I’m staying put with Aendi for now. Might as well. The Voodoo team is not doing much right now, since Idara is busy with some Paladin mumbojumbo and Malignant (he’s always been hot for our hot Paladin fighter, that’s for sure) almost never wants to join in on the fun when Idara and her fine behind are not there. So, what is a poor mage to do? Well, I’m freelancing, that’s what.

I’ve taken on a job for the Shattered Sun Offensive. They control the entire island by now, but Gods know, they’re still got their hands full keeping the enemy at bay. So I do about an hours work for them every day. The money is good and the job isn’t all that hard. All i ear goes to my accountant, who’s managing the money for me untill I have enough to get me a very fast flying mount. Those babies have armour and are much better trained then the one I’m using now. At least it gets me places, even if it isn’t very fast.

Other then that, I’ve joined the mercenaries. I stand around in the market in Shattrath and try to find others willing to venture into a dungeon. Usually i go by the Concortium guys stationed in Shattrath and try to find a group to the dungeon they are interested in that particular day, gets me some extra cash and makes me look good. You should always be on their good side, in my opinion.

I’ve also latley started taking an interest in the feud we are fighting against the Alliance. So I’m now enrolled as a proud member of the Horde, pitching out in Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch and Eye of Storm in Netherstorm. I’m hoping I’ll be able to actually make a difference and tip the balance over to our advantage, we’ll see.

And in order to really make a difference, Masque and I have enrolled into the Arena tournaments as well. Some PvP skirmish is good training for the Battlegrounds.

That’s basically it.

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