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If a Tree Falls…

As some of you might already know, Phaelia of Resto4Life has been greeted with wonderful personal news: she and Mr. Phae are awaiting their first baby. /cheer


This was very nice to hear, though for us resto druids out there, it means the loss of one of the greatest sources of information and inspiration. This is a gap that will not be easy to fill I think, Phae also having been so important for the druid blogging community.

I’ve been following the Resto4Life blog even before I rolled a resto druid, simply because it struck me as a good blog and ever since I decided to roll a druid, it has been the one blog I have consulted the most.

So if you are one of the people who, like me, has enjoyed Phae’s work, I urge you to go over to Resto4Life and leave her a comment. Let her know how much you’ve liked her work and wish her all the best for the future. Let’s make sure she knows exactly how well appreciated she has been and how much she will be missed. 🙂


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