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OOC: Times is Hard

In the words of Helena Bonham Carter: Times is hard!

As some of you know, I am a one and a half full time student (studying full time English and part time Dramacommunication) as well as a part time teacher (teaching night classes in German). This combined with the fact that I am also needed as moral support to my better half (who is recovering from a long-time sick-leave) in his studies, has led to me actually not having any time over for World of Warcraft or blogging.

Gnomeaggeddon was talking about real life and WoW balance, and at the time I read his post, I fully agreed: I spend a lot of my time thinking about WoW. But the way things are looking right now, I am so preoccupied with work and studies, that there actually is no time left for me to even think about WoW.

As much as this saddens me, it simply is as it is, and I have to accept it, because I just can’t think of anything to cut out of my schedual and make some extra time for WoW.

So: this is basically me saying I’m sorry, but don’t expect any posts from me in the near future. If I have time, I’ll write for sure. If I have time, I’ll finish leveling up my character to at least 55 before Wrath, so I can join my friends in the expansion. If I have time…

If I don’t have time, then I at least will not have to feel guilty for not leveling and not blogging. That’s why I felt I had to go out and say it: I just don’t think I have the time at the moment.

I hope that when I will have time to write on a regular basis again, there will still be people out there willing to read and react, to bring their comments and make their contribution, and that the blogging-community will still be willing to have me.

Until then, may your posts be brilliant and your epics shiny!


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