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First off, big thank you to all the supportive people who bugged me drop the odd post now and the.

Secondly, here’s the one thing no bored TBC-owner without a beta-key should be without:

The awsome, out-of-this-word, imba BEJEWELED WoW-addon! (click the picture to get to the download-site)

Seriously! Even if you normally don’t like bejewled or if you’ve never played it, you NEED this addon! Ever had to fly from Moonglade to Thunder Bluff? Or do you like playing the AH and have some downtime while you wait for new stuff? Bingo! This is the addon for you! 🙂

“Hey Aendi, what’s your Bejewled high-score?”

Weeell, dear voice in my head, I have actually not had the time to log into WoW for over a week now, so I haven’t played it, but the second I have time, I will!

Look at it as me giving you guys a head start on the high-score 😛

Cya in World of Bejwe… I mean Warcraft 🙂


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