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I have been desperately trying to write posts for the blog for the past few weeks. The problem is not lack of ideas or things to say, but the fact that everything I seem to come up with is negative and ultimately not representative of my personal opinion.

It is most probably because of the season (the days are short and light is scarce this time of year in Sweden) that I find myself in a dark mood. Nothing seems to be good enough and that includes WoW and blogging.

Every time I log in to WoW I feel washed over by a sense of meaninglessness (is that even a word?). I try to pull myself together and think productively, but nothing seems to quite be good enough to put me in a better mood. Levelling seems painfully boring, stocking up for future crafting professions strikes me as senseless, contacting friends about running an instance or standing in line for a Battleground all seem pointless.

And of course, since I write a blog about WoW, my blogging has suffered too from my lack of progression in-game. But it is not just that. I actually have quite a few posts in making, which I simply cannot seem to be content with. The ideas are there and I feel strongly about each and every one of them, I simply cannot seem to gather myself enough to make them sound right, to finish them off. Either that or I am not happy with the result and end up leaving the post as a draft after having spent another hour editing it back and forth.

Now it is true that writing does not come all that easy to me and that I am not all that good with words, but I feel that I on average can express myself coherent enough to get my points trough. That is not the case right now. Whether this is because I am suffering from writers block or because I am in a mood where nothing is good enough I do not know. Probably a little bit of both.

What is the point of this post then, you might ask. Good question. I write now mainly because I feel I need to get something posted, if nothing else, then out of fear that if i do not post now, I might never post again and because Matticus (and others) keep reminding me that I need to keep writing no matter how good or bad the content is.

We all have bad days or weeks or months, what matters is how we deal with them.

I am trying to deal with mine.


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