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It’s Thursday. I’m in the Shattrath Bank. Again. Rearranging and organizing things. Again.

Fortunately Idara showed up in the nick of time to save me from boredom. She had just finished polishing her shield and said she wanted to try out some new fighting moves, was I interested in joining her into a dungeon? Sure. One of the really hard ones, without the weakening spell on, she insisted. Fine by me.

So she looked up Masque and Malignant and told them both that we were going (she seldom leave room for other people to protest) and that was that. Of course seeing as we were going to venture into one of the tougher dungeons, we would need another person to join us. With Idara tanking and Malignant healing her, we had Masque and me killing off the minions. We needed another person to help out with the killing.

Masque insisted that we go down to the Underbog and kill the Black Stalker, the creature that dwells in the utter depths of the dungeon. Apparently Griftah the troll had told him that the magic of this creature was such that one can use one of its tendrils as a weapon of great power. Masque wanted it.

So we asked around and got told that there was a rogue looking to go to the same place. Are you a good at sneaking around? Yes he was. Good, you’re hired. And off we went.

As usual we had no trouble getting through the creatures that live in the Underbog. The only creatures that gave us some trouble were the two Underbog Lords guarding Hungerfen. They have this nasty ability of growing in size and strenght disturbingly fast. After discussing it we decided on letting Masque distract one of them and lure it away, while the rest of us took care of the other one. We lost Masque in the process, which made him quite grumpy. You’d think with him being an undead and all, he’d be used to it by now… But apart from Masque there were no other casualties.

The great thing about the Underbog is that it is the perfect climate for a very rare flower. It doesn’t grow anywhere but there and it is very highly treasured by the Sporeggar Tribe. It also smells divine.

Dear Diary,

Today Masque gave me a [Sanguine Hibiscus]. Oh my…

We got through the rest of the dungeon without any major problems. We even freed that poor druid again. Seriously, he has to be masochistic. Why would he otherwise let himself get caught by that hunter over and over again. If i was him, I’d move to Azeroth, maybe Hillsbrand Foothills, get me a nice cottage by the Lake and forget all about that hunter, instead of falling into the same selfdistructive relashionship pattern.

After freeing the druid we had to dispatch of two more Underbog Lords and then we found him: the Black Stalker. Tactics were discussed. Idara would rush at it and keep it’s attention while the rogue would sneak up from behind. Masque would attack from the left and me from the right, with Malignant standing between us in case he needed protection.

The fight was short. The creature turned out to be no match for us and after slaying it, Malignant went over to start skinning it. Boy did that ever tick Masque off! He went off screaming on the top of his lungs WAIT! I need to get a tendril first! Don’t skin it yet! Fortunately for him, Malignant had started with the head, so they both got what they wanted.

Turns out that was quite the wand, that Masque acquired. After seeing my disappointment at not getting one as well, he offered to go talk to Griftah again and see if we could find another Black Stalker somewhere to get me the wand.

Dear Diary,

I’m not into the whole date-an-undead thing, but I have to admit Masque’s quite cute. Noone can handle a wand quite like him and that shadowform of his is absolutley delicious.


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I spent most of my free time yesterday (Yes, I had to work during the day again. Those Shattered Sun Offensive people are refusing to give me a day off, but the money is still good.) fighting the Alliance in Battlegrounds. The Horde Warcrier let me know that we were most needed in Alterac Valley today, so I went over and participated in a few battles – all of them victorious. This boosted my confidence enough to once again face Montok (you remember him, the Battlemaster for Warsong Gulch who was belittling me this weekend) and enrolled in one of his battles, just to show my worth. The battle was easily won and Montok was forced to admit that his first impression of me might not have been entirely correct. He even told me that I should stop by Orgrimmar, by the Hall of Legends. He would send word to this Tauren Brave called Stonehide and she would have a reward for me.

So I went and sought her out and look what she had in store (she was a bit unwilling to part with it at first, especially since she didn’t seem very fond of Bloodelves):

Dear Greatfather Winter,

you can cross off the [Medallion of the Horde] of my wishlist! 😛

Oh, I also found this on one of the Alliance fighters in Alterac Valley

No wonder they were loosing…

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PvP wishlist

Dear Greatfather Winter,

For my future battleground outfit, I wish:

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Cowl]

[Vindicator’s Pendant of Subjugation]

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Amice]

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Raiment]

[Vindicator’s Silk Cuffs]

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Handguards]

[Vindicator’s Silk Belt]

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Trousers]

[Vindicator’s Silk Footguards]

[Vindicators Band of Dominance] and [Veteran’s Band of Dominance]

[Medallion of the Horde]

[Brutal Gladiator’s Touch of Defeat]

I haven’t decided on a weapon yet.

And since i can’t wait for an old man to deliver all this stuff, here’s what it’s gonna cost me in total:

Honor Points:

105 576


Arena Points:

9 250

Conclusion: Bah!!! This is gonna take forever! 😦

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Red or black dress?

So It’s Friday night, I’ve just gotten back to Shattrath from my daily work for the Shattered Sun Offensive. I’ve mailed the money I’ve earned over to mister Birdie (yes, that is the name of my accountant) for safekeeping, I’ve once more rearranged the guild bank (you know, at times i think I am the only one who cares about order in this guild! Who in their right mind puts Netherweave Cloth in three different places and why oh why would you not put all the gems in one place?). Anyway, where was I? Shattrath. Bank. Taken care of. Done with all I had planed for the day. And so, with lots of hours left to kill, but nothing fun left to do (I don’t consider getting all wet up in Skettis while fighting the water elementals for some mote of water fun) I decided to enroll with the Battlemasters as a Proud Fighter for the Horde and join some fellow Hordies in the battlegrounds.

I went and talked to Montok Redhands, the Bttlemaster for Warsong Gulch and he let me know that they indeed were in need of another helping hand. So i told him to put my name down for the next free spot he had and in less then 10 minutes, i was getting ready to kick some Alliance behind – or so i thought. We did win the battle, but truth be told, it was not thanks to yours truly. I kept dying, so much that i can sweare that I at one point saw the spirit healer roll her eyes at me. I was obviously no match to the Alliance fighters i was facing. So once I got out of that battleground, I had another chat with Montok, who to say the least was not impressed by my effort. He smirked and in a very orcish way (because I don’t want to say “rude”) he let me know that not only was i lacking in experience, i was also lacking in stamina and resilience. I did get one vital piece of information out of him and that’s that all the major factions of Outland offer a piece of gear magically imbued to best fit the purposes of battleground fighting.

Since I am in good standing with all major Outland factions, I decided to pay their quartermasters a visit. So i got in contact with mister Birdie and cashed out some of my savings and went on a shopping spree. All in all I got:

[Evoker’s SIlk Cowl]

[Evoker’s Silk Amice]

[Evoker’s Silk Handguards]

[Evoker’s Silk Raiment]

[Evoker’s Silk Trousers]

[Thick Felsteel Necklace]

and some gems and metagems to go with them.

All these items are imbued with extra stamina, so i felt a lot tougher once i had them all on. I’ve sown a special pocket in my backpack for the extra change of gear, so that I can carry both sets of garments with me at all times.

Since I needed some gems for my new battlegear, I went and talked to Masque to see if he could provide me with a few fitting stones. He had the material for almost everything i needed, except for the metagem needed for the cowl. So while he crafted all other gems, I went by the auction house and got the meta gem I was looking for.

I find the battleground gear quite pretty, though I think the red dress brings out the colour of my eyes much better. Not to mention that the black one makes my rear look huge.

PvP gear

PvE gear

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