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Happy Azeroth Arbor Day everyone! 😀


There’s no better way for a tree to pass its free time other then waterskiing in the waterfalls of Sholazar Basin. Our roots make for excellent rudders and the leaves catch the wind perfectly!


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I am still at a loss for words in general. Apologies to those who follow my RP posts, there will be one eventually – don’t give up hope!

Until then, here’s some of the things I got done today:









That brings me to a current grand total of 4740 achievement points. I would love to break the 5000 barrier, but I’m not sure I will manage that any time soon.

Current achievements I am working on:

– the second critter-loving

– the dalaran voidwalker pet

– reading all the books in Azeroth

– finishing off the dungeons I have left in the Old World

– do the last three Daily Heroic Dungeon quests needed for the achievement

– fishing up the Lurker Below

– finishing off the Dalaran Coin Fishing achievements

– fishing in a wreckage pool to finish off the Scavanger achievement

– work on my reputation with the Oracles, Kalu’ak, Warsong Offensive, Sons of Hordir and Shattered Sun Offensive, which should help me out with quite a few achievements: the last 3 pets i need for the Skunk pet; 5 more exalted reputations to get the 20 exalted repuations achievement; the Daily Bread Winner (making money off of quests) and 500 Daily Quests completed.

I’d also love to get all the Outland dungeons and heroic dungeons taken care of, but I’ll need at least one friend for that and none of the people I play with at the moment seem interested in this stuff, so I’m not pushing it.

Right, that’s it from me this time.

Happy Easter to all!


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Since a picture is said to say more then a thousand words, I thought three pictures would say even more! So here goes:

Click the images to view the fullsized versions.

This is what I stumbled upontoday as I was leaving Dalaran, on my way to Naxxramas:


A close-up look at the first phase of the Kel’Thuzad fight:


And the result of endless weeks of raiding that godforsaken place:


No need for any more words, i think 🙂

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… you replace your four year old laptop for an actual computer. And a really good one I might add!

Click on the images for enlarged versions.


And this:


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Maiara had to muster up all her willpower and to remind herself: this is still your furry little friend! No matter how tasty he looks, he is not to be munched on!


I would like to apologize for the lack of posts, or at least posts worth mentioning at the moment. I have been quite uninspired latley, which in combination with a lot going on in my life has led to the current situation. I will however try to post more frequently, even if it’s just to show off a screenshot or post a particularly funny comment made in chat.

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And here’s the proof for it:


There’s an explanation for this, I promise! Here it comes:

One of my guild mates needed the Ruby Void achievement as the very last thing to getting the meta-achievement Glory to the Hero. So, as the very kind tree that I am, I offered to help out and since we were all feeling kinda bored and crazy, we decided to get two achievements done at the same time: Ruby Void and Emerald Void.

With this in mind we mounted up on five Amber Drakes and after a bit of tacticizing, we went for it – naked of course, since we knew it was going to take a few tries and let’s face it, we’re all cheap bastards.

We downed the boss on our fifth try, my guild mate got his meta-achievement done and I got this pretty little screenshot.

*update* This comment over on wowhead was the basis for the tactic we used to get this done. It requires your team to work together – work out beforehand who will use time rift when and in what order you want to use the time stops. The last three tries, after we got the general feel for the encounter, we managed to time the time stops so that we did not have any kind of adds until after the boss came out of phase 2 the first time. This was of great help, since there are no healing dragons involved. (Thank you vlad for pointing out that I should add this part to the post!)

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A Blog Challenge

So my sister has a blog. No, it is not a gaming blog, it is a blog about her lovely family and a way for her friends to keep up to date.

Anywho, in one of her posts she challenged me:

1. Go into your image folder

Since this is a Warcaft blog I cheated and went into my screenshot folder.

2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.

I cheated again. a) my screenshot folder does not have any sub-folders b) I lost all my screenshots when I reformated the computer, so I used the screenshot folder on my boyfriend’s computer.

3. Publish the image!

4. Challenge six new bloggers.

5. Link to them.

Well without further ado: here is what I managed to dig up:


This is a screenshot of my human priest. As you can see she’s using the Soulkeeper staff, so this was in the days of vanilla WoW. She doesn’t have her Mooncloth Robe yet, so my guess is this was taken back when she was in her mid 50’s.

The image reminded me of how new, big and exciting Azeroth felt back then and how little I knew about it. There were no healing addons and no meters. Actually if you think back there were no icons to mark up the mobs with either. There was just me, my spells that I used to mouseclick on (keybindings? mouseover macros? wuuuut?) and my fervent desire to succeed.

And you know what, it turned out quite well. I healed the 45 minute Baron run in Stratholme several times with all of us in our dungeon set 1, no tier gear and hardly any epics. We didn’t even use ventrillo. We simply worked out our plan beforehand, studies exactly which mobs to kill and we went at it. It took our team two whole nights to finally manage it and in the end it turned out to be bugged, so we had to do it all over again. But that didn’t matter, because we already knew we could do it and after that I helped several other people get their quest completed – no macros, no addons, no voicechat – just me and my will.

It’s funny how much we can do when we don’t know our limitations.


I found this challenge to be a lot of fun, being asked to look back. I am also very curious to see if any of the people I challenge will happen to have any interesting stories that go with their image.

That being said, I’d like to challenge:

Let’s see what gems you all are hiding in your bags! 🙂

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