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Putting the ‘pew’ in PewPew

I’ve become quite the adept at battling for the Horde. The spirit resurrectors hardly see me any more these days and I’ve really acquired a taste for night elf blood!

Just to show you all how good it can get: This is what Wolf-sister Maka, the Alterac Valley battleground master, who was keeping track of our progress, had to show us the other day.

There’s simply no beating Aendi and Maque!



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This weekend turned out to be quite enjoyable. I spent Friday down in the Slave Pens with Idara, Malignant, Masque and one of my Puppets called Rothen. There are quite a few Coilfang Slavemasters down there who are just too obnoxious! You are slacking off too soon! I’ll rip off your arms and beat you with them, wretched slaves! Get back too work! What can I say, the yelling and screaming accompanied by the sound of whip-cracks was never ending. I wouldn’t have minded leaving those wretched Broken Ones to their fate for all eternity, but the Slavemasters’ yelling was annoying me to no ends, so we slew them without further ado.

Once down in the caves, Masque revealed his true reasons for joining us: deep down in the utter depths of the Slave Pens dwells a creature known by the name of Quagmirran. It turns out that Griftah the troll had told Masque about this creature too. Its magic was of such nature that if one was to carve out it’s left eye with a silver bladed dagger, the eye could be used as a trinket to improve a spell casters power. The promise of such treasures made us press on and in the end we reached the creature Quagmirran. After having freed the night elf explorer (who seems to be using the same therapist as the druid down in the Underbog) we went after the bog giant. The fight was not that hard and we all waited in suspense as Masque carved out its left eye. He gave it to me, seeing as he had taken the tendril from the Black Stalked just the other day and I was thrilled to have it.

As we approached the creature that dwells furthest inside the Slave Pens, Masque told us how he had had another chat with Griftah the troll. The troll had apparently told Masque that this was another creature of great magic and that if one was to carve out it’s left eye with a silver-bladed dagger, it could be used as a trinket of greate power by any spell caster. Heartened by the promise of great treasures, we charged into battle and slayed the beast known as Quagmirran.

The joy was sadly not long-lasting. Closer inspection and a quick Detect Magic spell showed it not only worthless as a trinket, but utterly deprived of magic. It was a squishy bog giant eyeball. Nothing more. Yuck! This did not seem strange at all once Masque reluctantly admitted that Griftah was actually the one who sold him the silver bladed dagger. You’d think Masque would have caught on to the scam, seeing as the troll is widely renown as a seller of many useless trinkets. By the look on his face, we was going to go have a very intense talk with Griftah as soon as possible.

Apart from the slight disapointment about the squishy bog giant eyeball, it was not a bad day. I went over to the Cenarion Expedition’s Quarters in Zangarmarsh adn they were happy to hear about our the freed slaves. I think that if we keep fighting the Nagas down in the Coilfang reservoir for another week or so, I should be able to gain the Expeditions utter trust.

Saturday was a big day for me as a Horde fighter. I went over to the Warcrier in Shattrath and enquired about where we were most needed again. Alterac Valley he said, so I went. The Alterac air felt good in my lungs, as did the cries of battle as we charged the Alliance. They were chanceless. We smothered their futile attempts to attack us over and over and after having spent half the day in the snowy valley, we had not lost one single battle agains them. Wolf-sister Maka, the Alterac Valley Battlemaster looked pleased.

I went over to Shattrath around lunch for a quick change of clothes and a hot meal, with the intention of returning to the battlegrounds straight after. But once in Shattrath, I stumbled upon a Crier who welcomed us over to the World’s End Tavern for a good laugh. Seeing as I needed a meal and didn’t mind a good laugh after all the slaughtering I went along.

It turns out they had some human by the named of Perry Gatner perform some stand up comedy for us. He wasn’t all that, though I quite enjoyed his impersonation of a gnome. His blood elf impersonation was horrible to say the least, but I enjoyed his gnome material. The food wasn’t bad either, so I will probably stop by the tavern again.

I spent the rest of the day in various battlegrounds. The Battlemasters are starting to recognize me and I’m quite pleased with that. By the end of the day I got a nod and a smile of a pat on the back from them all and Mordok even greeted me by name. He sent me over to Ogrimmar again to that tauren lady to pick up an item he had asked to have made for me, so of course I went. So I am now the proud owner of a …. It’s not exactly a Harris Pilton, but it’s thick and it will keep me warm when fighting in Alterac again. Another day well spent.

Having been so hard at work both Friday and Saturday, I decided to take the day off on Sunday. I had … send word over to the Shattered Sun people and let them know they’d have to do without me for one day, packed my bag light for once and headed over to Stranglethorn. There’s this gorgeous beach down there that is always sunny and I spent the entire day sunbathing and enjoying the salty taste of the air and the methodical sound of the waves splashing against the beach.

The perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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I spent most of my free time yesterday (Yes, I had to work during the day again. Those Shattered Sun Offensive people are refusing to give me a day off, but the money is still good.) fighting the Alliance in Battlegrounds. The Horde Warcrier let me know that we were most needed in Alterac Valley today, so I went over and participated in a few battles – all of them victorious. This boosted my confidence enough to once again face Montok (you remember him, the Battlemaster for Warsong Gulch who was belittling me this weekend) and enrolled in one of his battles, just to show my worth. The battle was easily won and Montok was forced to admit that his first impression of me might not have been entirely correct. He even told me that I should stop by Orgrimmar, by the Hall of Legends. He would send word to this Tauren Brave called Stonehide and she would have a reward for me.

So I went and sought her out and look what she had in store (she was a bit unwilling to part with it at first, especially since she didn’t seem very fond of Bloodelves):

Dear Greatfather Winter,

you can cross off the [Medallion of the Horde] of my wishlist! 😛

Oh, I also found this on one of the Alliance fighters in Alterac Valley

No wonder they were loosing…

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PvP wishlist

Dear Greatfather Winter,

For my future battleground outfit, I wish:

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Cowl]

[Vindicator’s Pendant of Subjugation]

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Amice]

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Raiment]

[Vindicator’s Silk Cuffs]

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Handguards]

[Vindicator’s Silk Belt]

[Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Trousers]

[Vindicator’s Silk Footguards]

[Vindicators Band of Dominance] and [Veteran’s Band of Dominance]

[Medallion of the Horde]

[Brutal Gladiator’s Touch of Defeat]

I haven’t decided on a weapon yet.

And since i can’t wait for an old man to deliver all this stuff, here’s what it’s gonna cost me in total:

Honor Points:

105 576


Arena Points:

9 250

Conclusion: Bah!!! This is gonna take forever! 😦

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Red or black dress?

So It’s Friday night, I’ve just gotten back to Shattrath from my daily work for the Shattered Sun Offensive. I’ve mailed the money I’ve earned over to mister Birdie (yes, that is the name of my accountant) for safekeeping, I’ve once more rearranged the guild bank (you know, at times i think I am the only one who cares about order in this guild! Who in their right mind puts Netherweave Cloth in three different places and why oh why would you not put all the gems in one place?). Anyway, where was I? Shattrath. Bank. Taken care of. Done with all I had planed for the day. And so, with lots of hours left to kill, but nothing fun left to do (I don’t consider getting all wet up in Skettis while fighting the water elementals for some mote of water fun) I decided to enroll with the Battlemasters as a Proud Fighter for the Horde and join some fellow Hordies in the battlegrounds.

I went and talked to Montok Redhands, the Bttlemaster for Warsong Gulch and he let me know that they indeed were in need of another helping hand. So i told him to put my name down for the next free spot he had and in less then 10 minutes, i was getting ready to kick some Alliance behind – or so i thought. We did win the battle, but truth be told, it was not thanks to yours truly. I kept dying, so much that i can sweare that I at one point saw the spirit healer roll her eyes at me. I was obviously no match to the Alliance fighters i was facing. So once I got out of that battleground, I had another chat with Montok, who to say the least was not impressed by my effort. He smirked and in a very orcish way (because I don’t want to say “rude”) he let me know that not only was i lacking in experience, i was also lacking in stamina and resilience. I did get one vital piece of information out of him and that’s that all the major factions of Outland offer a piece of gear magically imbued to best fit the purposes of battleground fighting.

Since I am in good standing with all major Outland factions, I decided to pay their quartermasters a visit. So i got in contact with mister Birdie and cashed out some of my savings and went on a shopping spree. All in all I got:

[Evoker’s SIlk Cowl]

[Evoker’s Silk Amice]

[Evoker’s Silk Handguards]

[Evoker’s Silk Raiment]

[Evoker’s Silk Trousers]

[Thick Felsteel Necklace]

and some gems and metagems to go with them.

All these items are imbued with extra stamina, so i felt a lot tougher once i had them all on. I’ve sown a special pocket in my backpack for the extra change of gear, so that I can carry both sets of garments with me at all times.

Since I needed some gems for my new battlegear, I went and talked to Masque to see if he could provide me with a few fitting stones. He had the material for almost everything i needed, except for the metagem needed for the cowl. So while he crafted all other gems, I went by the auction house and got the meta gem I was looking for.

I find the battleground gear quite pretty, though I think the red dress brings out the colour of my eyes much better. Not to mention that the black one makes my rear look huge.

PvP gear

PvE gear

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What’s up?

So, being now a mage of the highest rank, my trainers claim they can’t teach me anything new. And all the other trainers are still refusing to teach me stuff on account of me already being trained by one of their rivals. What is there left to do?

At the moment I don’t really feel like venturing into an new body and Cowwithguns, the tauren body i keep handy really needs a rest after i raced him through all of Azeroth and prepared him for Outland.

So: I’m staying put with Aendi for now. Might as well. The Voodoo team is not doing much right now, since Idara is busy with some Paladin mumbojumbo and Malignant (he’s always been hot for our hot Paladin fighter, that’s for sure) almost never wants to join in on the fun when Idara and her fine behind are not there. So, what is a poor mage to do? Well, I’m freelancing, that’s what.

I’ve taken on a job for the Shattered Sun Offensive. They control the entire island by now, but Gods know, they’re still got their hands full keeping the enemy at bay. So I do about an hours work for them every day. The money is good and the job isn’t all that hard. All i ear goes to my accountant, who’s managing the money for me untill I have enough to get me a very fast flying mount. Those babies have armour and are much better trained then the one I’m using now. At least it gets me places, even if it isn’t very fast.

Other then that, I’ve joined the mercenaries. I stand around in the market in Shattrath and try to find others willing to venture into a dungeon. Usually i go by the Concortium guys stationed in Shattrath and try to find a group to the dungeon they are interested in that particular day, gets me some extra cash and makes me look good. You should always be on their good side, in my opinion.

I’ve also latley started taking an interest in the feud we are fighting against the Alliance. So I’m now enrolled as a proud member of the Horde, pitching out in Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch and Eye of Storm in Netherstorm. I’m hoping I’ll be able to actually make a difference and tip the balance over to our advantage, we’ll see.

And in order to really make a difference, Masque and I have enrolled into the Arena tournaments as well. Some PvP skirmish is good training for the Battlegrounds.

That’s basically it.

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