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Ahhh! What a wonderful sound! What a fantastic feeling! Maque lent me his very fast flying mount today and I have to say, I’m hooked. I want me one of those! I checked with mister Birdie and he says we’ve got about two thousand gold gathered up, so I’m not even half way. I guess I’ll be picking berries for those Shattered Sun people for the rest of my days…

But I’ve taken matters into my own hands now. I may not have a very fast flying mount, but I’ve got Estelle and Jester and with a few trinkets, I can squeeze a bit more out of them:

As you can see, I’ve got my Carrot on a Stick back from my old days working for the Goblins. Dugge, a moonkin Puppet from my guild has supplied me with a Riding Crop and I’ve had a freelancing blacksmith make me a pair of Mithril Spurs. I also got Idara to enchant my gloves with extra speed.

So while I may not have a very fast flying mount, I have the fastest slow mounts around!


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I spent most of my free time yesterday (Yes, I had to work during the day again. Those Shattered Sun Offensive people are refusing to give me a day off, but the money is still good.) fighting the Alliance in Battlegrounds. The Horde Warcrier let me know that we were most needed in Alterac Valley today, so I went over and participated in a few battles – all of them victorious. This boosted my confidence enough to once again face Montok (you remember him, the Battlemaster for Warsong Gulch who was belittling me this weekend) and enrolled in one of his battles, just to show my worth. The battle was easily won and Montok was forced to admit that his first impression of me might not have been entirely correct. He even told me that I should stop by Orgrimmar, by the Hall of Legends. He would send word to this Tauren Brave called Stonehide and she would have a reward for me.

So I went and sought her out and look what she had in store (she was a bit unwilling to part with it at first, especially since she didn’t seem very fond of Bloodelves):

Dear Greatfather Winter,

you can cross off the [Medallion of the Horde] of my wishlist! 😛

Oh, I also found this on one of the Alliance fighters in Alterac Valley

No wonder they were loosing…

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